Union Bridge town council candidate: Donald Wilson

Union Bridge town council candidate: Donald Wilson
Donald Wilson is running for re-election to the Union Bridge town council against Bridgette Dowery and Antoinette Farver. Incumbent Edgar Wentz is also running for re-election. (Courtesy photo)

Ahead of this spring’s municipal elections, the Carroll County Times has asked candidates to provide information on themselves and their priorities. Their responses are listed here in full.

Donald Wilson is running for re-election to the Union Bridge town council against Bridgette Dowery and Antoinette Farver. Incumbent Edgar Wentz is also running for re-election. Here are Wilson’s responses.

Biographical information

I am a retiree from Lehigh Cement, I was employed there for 40 years.

I am a graduate of Francis Scott Key High School.

Community groups:

  • Plymouth Masonic Lodge — Past Master & Masonic Builders Craft
  • Union Bridge Church of the Brethren — Head Usher
  • Union Bridge Funding COmmittee
  • Union Bridge Town Council, 25 Years

I have lived in Union Bridge for 50 + years.

Why do you want to serve in this role?

I have always wanted to serve my community and have done so as a council member for 25 years. I care about where I live and want to give back and participate in my community. I have always been community minded and want to make sure that the best interests of Union Bridge residents are always represented.

How do you plan to represent your municipality’s interests in the county government?

I always have, and will continue, to advocate for Union Bridge by attending county meetings that involve our town. In the past I worked with Commissioner Rothschild and I look forward to working Commissioner Bouchat.

Name something you would begin working to accomplish as soon as your first week on the job.

If elected, I will continue all my duties with street maintenance. I plan to meet with SHA and Deputy Colussy about installing signage to help direct truck traffic to Shepherds Mills Road instead of Main Street. I will continue to support my fellow council members and offer assistance to any newly-elected officials.

What skills do you have to offer constituents that other candidates might not?

I have served on the Union Bridge Town Council for 25 years. I have a tremendous amount of town history and experience. I was on the Council when Jackson Ridge was first proposed, and there have been many discussions over the years on this development. I was there from the beginning and feel I can fully represent the town’s best interests.

What one thing would you most like to see changed?

I would like to see our town thrive again as it once did. By working with Dream Big Union Bridge, together, we can spread unity and create pride in our great town.

What are your campaign priorities?
  1. Continue to closely monitor and enhance our beautiful park and walking trails.
  2. Closely monitor the two developers who plan to add new homes to our community by making sure that taxes and water/sewer rates aren’t raised unnecessarily, and that the developments are an improvement to our town and not detrimental.
  3. Work closely with my constituents to address their concerns.