Mount Airy Town Council candidate profile: Pamela Reed

Pamela Reed is running against Karl Munder, John Stuehmeier and incumbent Jason Poirier for three open seats on the Mount Airy Town Council.
Pamela Reed is running against Karl Munder, John Stuehmeier and incumbent Jason Poirier for three open seats on the Mount Airy Town Council.

Ahead of this spring’s municipal elections, the Carroll County Times has asked candidates to provide information on themselves and their priorities. Their responses are listed here in full.

Pamela Reed is running against Karl Munder, John Stuehmeier and incumbent Jason Poirier for three open seats on the Mount Airy Town Council. Here are Reed’s responses.


Biographical information

Mount Airy has been my home, and where I have raised 2 children, for the past 20 years.

My professional title is “Global Trade Compliance Specialist”, I hold two industry certifications, Certified Export Specialist (CES) and Certified Customs Specialist (CCS), I have been employed with my company for 25 years.


My current community service includes; Co-Founder and Board member of Ava’s T21 Foundation, Inc., a local non-profit that advocates for those born with Down syndrome, member of the Mount Airy Economic Development Commission, Special Project Manager to Mayor Rockinberg, President of the Mount Airy Main Street Association (MAMSA), creator and organizer of the Mount Airy Junior Task Force, I have brought several annual events to Mount Airy including Ava’s 5K for Down Syndrome, Oktoberfest, Turkey Trot, MAMSA Glow Run and Home Town Chili Cook-Off and Custom Car Show (formally know as Main Street Heat), these events help raise funds for local civic organizations and support small businesses.

Past community service includes; creator of the Twin Arch Crime Watch and President of the Twin Arch Home Owners Association.

Why do you want to serve in this role?

I have been honored to serve the community as a volunteer for many years. During that time I have meet and worked with many Mount Airy residents, property owners, business owners, and local officials, which has kept me “in-tune” with all things Mount Airy. Serving on Town Council will allow me to broaden my role.

How do you plan to represent your municipality’s interests in the county government?

Mount Airy is unique in that we have a geographic advantage and are split between four counties. The Town has several outreach opportunities through the Maryland Municipal League and routine meetings with County and State officials. If elected, I will utilize these programs and opportunities as it relates to Mount Airy. Our interaction with the counties is very important when it comes to maintaining local schools and in Carroll County where we coordinate State required storm water management issues.

Name something you would begin working to accomplish as soon as your first week on the job.

I believe it is important to acclimate ourselves in our new roles and processes, and continue outreach to the community so we may to truly understand the wants and needs of those we are serving. I have worked closely with Town officials on past and present projects, but there may be internal hurdles I am not be aware of.

What skills do you have to offer constituents that other candidates might not?

I will only focus on my skill set, as I believe we all possess unique attributes.

My record reflects that I am a strong leader, action oriented, with an ability to work with others and bring people together.

As the current President of the Mount Airy Main Street Association (MAMSA), since June of 2018, I have transformed the organization, bringing it new life and momentum. I immediately identified areas where improvement were necessary. I structured the organization as stated in the bi-laws, making MAMSA 501(c)3 compliant, recognized the need for Financial Oversight including best practice policies, cash management and internal audits, formalized the election process making it more transparent, and revamped the organizations website and social media accounts, all this led to an increase in membership and merchant participation.

I created the Mount Airy Junior Task Force with the vision of engaging our youth, in the community, and educating them on local municipalities.

The municipal elections in Taneytown will be contested this year, with four candidates running for mayor, according to information provided by the city clerk.

As a member of the Economic Development Commission, I sit on a committee to organize and execute a program called “Tour of Possibilities”. The community has many vacant commercial spaces, the goal is to fill them, which will contribute to our economic health. We are inviting all parties with vested interest; commercial realtors, property owners, property management companies, new potential business owners and existing business owners who may be looking to expand, to tour all the empty spaces.

I played an instrumental role in the partnership between Ava’s T21’s Foundation, Inc. and the Town of Mount Airy to build a new universally designed ADA compliant playground at Watkins Park, to be built in the near future.

What one thing would you most like to see changed?

I’m not running to make a change, but rather to promote economical sustainability and small smart growth. Many improvements have been made in Town and the residents are happy with the direction we are moving. I would like to continue that path, offering a different perspective and a tireless energy.


What are your campaign priorities?

As servants of the community, it is important that we don’t promote our own agenda, but listen to those we serve. The new Town Survey will be great resource.

Revitalization of Historic Downtown Mount Airy, including making it accessible and the center of entertainment. The “Vision Plan” can guide us.

Economic Sustainability and Small Smart Growth, this would include a focus infrastructure, housing, small business, and updates and additions to our community amenities.

What are your thoughts on Mount Airy’s new police force?

Public safety should always be a priority. The Mount Airy Police force has become a valued and loved addition to the community, their community outreach and service is invaluable.

The council recently added a fee for those who leave lawn clippings on streets and sidewalks. What’s your position on that ordinance?

I support the ordinance, to deter the behavior. These clippings are dangerous to cyclist, pedestrians and clog our storm water management system.

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