Mount Airy Town Council candidate profile: Karl Munder

Karl Munder is running against John Stuehmeier, Pamela Reed and incumbent Jason Poirier for three open seats on the Mount Airy Town Council. 
Karl Munder is running against John Stuehmeier, Pamela Reed and incumbent Jason Poirier for three open seats on the Mount Airy Town Council.  (Karl Munder/Courtesy photo)

Ahead of this spring’s municipal elections, the Carroll County Times has asked candidates to provide information on themselves and their priorities. Their responses are listed here in full.

Karl Munder is running against John Stuehmeier, Pamela Reed and incumbent Jason Poirier for three open seats on the Mount Airy Town Council. Here are Munder’s responses.


Biographical Information

Profession - Natural Resources Planner

Employment - Maryland Department of the Environment – 19 years


Education -Master of Science degree in Environmental Science, policy concentration from Johns Hopkins University.

Community Involvement

Currently a member of two town commission – Recreation and Parks and Water and Sewer.

Past Commission Service - Streets and Roads

Volunteer at the Mt. Airy Caboose/Visitor Center

Regularly attend various town commissions and Town Council Meetings.

The municipal elections in Taneytown will be contested this year, with four candidates running for mayor, according to information provided by the city clerk.

Had wording added to a town ordinance allowing for an earlier notification date related to public hearings on certain types of development/land use changes.

Successful in having a bus stop relocate from Buffalo so approximately 50-60 children can get on the bus safely and not have to cross a busy road.

Attended every public meeting related to Downtown Vision Plan.

Past Political Experience - Town Council Candidate in 2017

Years lived in Mt. Airy – 8 years in the town, 40 + year area resident

Why do you want to serve in this role?

There are several reasons. Mt. Airy is at the beginning stages of a revival in its historic downtown area and I want to ensure taxpayers dollars are spent wisely. Secondly, if several proposed projects are approved the town will once again be facing issues related to growth. Third, the current Town Master Plan will be updated during the next several years, and I want to ensure the voices of town residents are heard.


How do you plan to represent your municipality’s interests in the county government?

If elected I will reach out to each county’s liaison officer to introduce myself and will provide updates on what the town needs from them in means of support.

Name something you would begin working to accomplish as soon as your first week on the job.

While the Town Council has taken recent steps to provide better access to information, related to Town Council meetings, information related to ordinance discussion and votes are not easily obtainable. I would look into ways to make this information easier to locate on the Town’s website.

What skills do you have to offer constituents that other candidates might not?

Two skills I have to offer are Independent thought and dedication to finding solutions. I want to bring options to the discussions, so compromises and solutions can be found. If you cannot compromise, no problems will ever be solved.

What one thing would you most like to see changed?

I would like to see the town pursue more interconnectivity between the various neighborhoods and the historic downtown area with the completion of the Rails to Trails pathway and implementation of sections of the bike/ped plan from the 2013 Comprehensive Town Master Plan.

What are your campaign priorities?

Controlled Growth - Use the 2013 Comprehensive Town Master Plan as a guide for town growth.

Economic Development – Work with various local stakeholder groups and town staff to assess what is needed to attract and retain businesses.

Open Space – Mt. Airy currently needs approximately 100 acres of open space to come into compliance with the updated adequate public facilities ordinance, I would like to pursue fiscally responsible ways to increase the amount of open space that town residents have access to.

What are your thoughts on Mount Airy’s new police force?

During the short time that the Mt. Airy Police Department (MAPD) has existed it has shown how exceptional and professional force it is, and has taken its focus of community policing to heart. I expect the Chief, his officers, and staff to continue their exceptional efforts as they settle in. To continue this exceptional level of service, the Town must provide for their needs in fiscally responsible ways.

The Council recently added a fee for those who leave lawn clippings on streets and sidewalks. What’s your position on that ordinance?

The ordinance/fee covers both lawn clippings and leaves. In the past the town could only remind people not to deposit leaves and lawn clippings into streets and storm drains. This can help prevent the clogging of storm drains since people can now be fined for using them for disposal of leaves and lawn clippings.

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