New Windsor Town Council candidate: William Holl

New Windsor Town Council candidate: William Holl
William Holl is running for one of three open seats on the New Windsor Town Council against Michael Scott Barclay, Terry Green, Thomas Frank Gubernatis Jr., Michael Zepp, and incumbents David Hoffman and Kimberlee Schultz. (William Holl/Courtesy photo)

Ahead of this spring’s municipal elections, the Carroll County Times has asked candidates to provide information on themselves and their priorities. Their responses are listed here in full.

William Holl is running for one of three open seats on the New Windsor Town Council against Michael Scott Barclay, Terry Green, Thomas Frank Gubernatis Jr., Michael Zepp, and incumbents David Hoffman and Kimberlee Schultz. Here are Holl’s responses.

Biographical information

Having attended New Windsor middle school, and being an Eagle Scout of New Windsor’s own Troop 582, there was no question that I would choose any other place to start my family. After graduating in 2017 with a bachelor of Science in Computer Science, I was fortunate to save enough to purchase a house right on Main Street. I worked IT in healthcare for a few years before being hired by the United States Government which I look forward to spending the rest of my career with. I recently volunteered to be the town representative to the Carroll Cable Regulatory Commission (CCRC) to ensure New Windsor has a voice in cable franchise negotiations. This is my first time running for office, and I look forward to working with residents to better our town.

Why do you want to serve in this role?

After getting my first water bill and being shocked by the huge expense, which seemed to counter my mortgage payment. At that moment I decided I would start attending public meetings and get involved with the town. I noticed a disconnect between the council and residents, and created a plan to fill the void. I created a website ( that contains a blog that hundreds of residents log into weekly to view summaries of public meetings as well as provide feedback for me to bring to the next meeting. If elected, I will continue to bring residents closer to town activities as they are the core to this amazing town.

How do you plan to represent your municipality’s interests in the county government?

During the pilot trash program, the town reached out to the county commissioners multiple times. After being blown off for months; I decided to act, and wrote a letter demanding feedback from the commissioners. After multiple emails and flexible meeting invites, which commissioner Bouchat requested, my inquiries went unanswered. Instead, the commissioners determined the programs future at a meeting which the town was not invited to. This is unacceptable, and if elected I will hold these commissioners accountable. I will make sure the commissioners respond to any question the town may have in a timely manner, and create meetings to ensure the commissioners work in New Windsors best interest.

Name something you would begin working to accomplish as soon as your first week on the job.

I would repeal the pilot trash program. The county commissioners are raking in money from the pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) trash, while starting families and those on fixed incomes struggle to make ends meet. But that would only take a day to vote on; the remainder of the week would be spent communicating with the rest of the council to see how we can work together to benefit the town.

What skills do you have to offer constituents that other candidates might not?

Dedication. I am the only new candidate that attends public meetings, and I quickly create summaries of the meeting for everyone to view and provide feedback on. I spend hours each week researching topics that will be discussed at meetings to make sure I understand the pros/cons to every decision the town makes. If elected, this dedication will not end; I will never make a decision without researching the topic and reaching out to the residents to get feedback. I will also continue to inform the public about decisions and look forward to using my current blog as a base to create a town-wide online resource residents can find all information pertinent to the towns activities.

What one thing would you most like to see changed?

I would like the water rates decreased. While the town looks to expand, the outrageous water rates scares off new families and businesses. If the water rates could be reduced as we pay off the water loans, we would be able to retain our residents while bringing in new businesses and families.

What are your campaign priorities?

Reduce – Our water bills keep rising and new ordinances pop up monthly without a long term plan. We must reduce existing expenses, as well as eliminating unmanageable ordinances such as a ban on small cell towers within town. By reducing bills and unneeded ordinances, businesses will be empowered to bring new technologies and services to our town.

Rethink — The current council has not been adaptive to using online technologies to connect to residents, often demanding them to attend late weeknight meetings if they want their voices heard. I look forward to enhancing the town website to become a source of information residents can use to be informed on the towns activities, as well as provide feedback to help the council make decisions.

Replenish – Our streets and sidewalks are crumbling, with various water leaks, yet the current council voted to reduce the towns budget for road and sidewalk repairs. Instead of fixing the streets, the town has purchased properties such as the Dielmann Inn, which has a crumbling foundation. I will stop this senseless spending and sell the unneeded town owned properties to save money for the projects we really need such as infrastructure updates.

What is your position on the “pay-as-you-throw” pilot program?

Where do I start? I strongly oppose this program and was shocked to see the Carroll County Times run an article talking about the successes of the PAYT program fed to them by the misleading county commissioners. Through Maryland Public Information Act requests, I was able to determine that the county landfill has seen an increase in trash, not the decrease that was proposed. I was also able to see the county has been making huge profits off the bags, while the town hasn’t seen a penny. The county commissioner’s failure to provide feedback during the program, then voting to raise the costs of trash hauling for the town if the program continues have factored into my decision as well. The old system worked, and no increase in residents tax rates are needed to continue with that program. I look forward to voting to discontinue the PAYT program and return to the old system that has worked for decades.