Union Bridge Town Council candidate: Bridgette Dowery

Ahead of this spring’s municipal elections, the Carroll County Times has asked candidates to provide information on themselves and their priorities. Their responses are listed here in full.

Bridgette Dowery is running for a seat on the Union Bridge Town Council against Antoinette Farver, and incumbents Edgar Wentz and Donald Wilson. Here is the information Dowery provided.


Editor’s note: Dowery did not provide a photo as of May 10.

Biographical information

Profession- Currently a one on one assistant to students with autism at Winters Mill High School


Taught Culinary and Pastry Arts for 14 years at the Frederick County Career and Technology Center

I have two beautiful daughters Amaya Hopkins 18, Aleana Hopkins 13.

In Union Bridge, the mayor is facing one challenger and four candidates are running for two council seats in this year’s municipal elections. Find out more about them here.

No past Political experience. I was the president or our FHA club and VICA now know as SkillsUSA when I was in high school.

Graduated from FSK 1996

Graduated from Johnson and Wales University 1998 AA in pastry arts

Masters Equivalent from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore 2007

Grow up in Union Bridge lived here off and on my entire life. Outside of going to college.


I would like to serve in the council because it hurts my heart to see our town in the situation it is currently in. Businesses are moving outside the town and members of the community are going elsewhere for needs and services that our town one day offered. I would like to help bring those things back. My focus at the moment would be our youth. Our youth members of the community have nothing to engage them. Our youth sports teams have moved outside the town as well as other Activites that our Community Center once offered. We have a center that was donated to the youth of union Bridge that continues to sit unoccupied. I would love to see lock in or dances that will bring our young live into the town. I would love to look into a preschool program that would be held at the community for 3 and 4 year olds. Getting funding from the state to provide early education to our low income families as well as provide morning and after school care in addition to summer enrichment programs. Adjacent to the community center is our senior center. The wise woman that live there may want to donate some time to read books or help and sit with our preschool children during the day. Helping our wiser generation continue to stay active and be part of the community. Maybe have dance classes or exercise classes there throughout the week. Just a way to Utilize the building as well as generate revenue for the town. It would also be nice for the community center to be used as a rental hall for weddings, parties, family reunions and other events that members of the town may have interest in. I’m not trying to get the town to spend money rather make use of the things that we have right here in town that will generate revenue without spending additional funds.I feel I bring “new” blood to the table. Sometimes new isn’t always bad. We are due for some change. But I also have great listening skills and would like to learn from the committee members that are currently on the board in addition to the ones before me.

Elected or not I hope that I increase the number of voters. That I have brought awareness to my age group on the importance of voting and making a difference within our community.

Youth is very important to me as well as education. Education is the key to success in life.

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