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Carroll County voters say voting in person is a ‘civic duty’

Voting was steady throughout Tuesday morning and early afternoon at Friendship Valley Elementary School in Westminster, a District 3 precinct.

“It’s steady, which is a good thing,” said Dawn Grammer, chief election judge. “Actually there have been lines (to vote). People have had to wait. Everything is going good.”


As voters made their way into the school’s main entrance to cast ballots, most were eager to talk about why they voted in person on election day, instead of casting a mail-in ballot or early vote.

“It’s my civic duty,” said Robin Hinchey, 65, of Westminster. “I’ve always voted in person, since I was 18 years old.”


A Republican, Hinchey said voting in this primary plays an important part in debunking claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

“We need to let the country know that everything is legal, like it was before and is now,” she said.

Lisa Arcuri, 59, a business owner from Westminster, said she voted in person, because she doesn’t trust mail-in ballots.

“I want to be here in person,” the registered Republican said.

Arcuri came out specifically to vote for Haven Shoemaker, a Republican running for Carroll County State’s Attorney. She said she was disgusted with how Shoemaker’s opponent, Republican David Ellin, ran his campaign.

“Ellin ran the most disrespectful campaign Carroll County has ever seen,” she said.

The Carroll County State’s Attorney’s Office serves as the chief law enforcement agency in the county, prosecuting all criminal cases ranging from serious traffic violations to murder. Ellin, 48, a private medical practice attorney, and Shoemaker, 57, a two-term state delegate, have no Democratic challengers, so the winner will be decided from primary results.


Kevin Brennan, 64, a Republican from Westminster, said he likes voting in person instead of using mail-in ballots. He cast his vote for Dan Cox, a Republican running for governor. Cox, of Frederick, represents District 4 in the Maryland House of Delegates.

“Trump likes him, so I like him,” Brennan said.

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Meanwhile, 81-year-old Charles Ryan, a Republican from Westminster, said Trump’s endorsement for Cox meant that he would not vote for him.

“I did not vote for Dan Cox, because he’s supported by Donald Trump,” Ryan said. “There’s been enough of Trump.”


Ryan, who is retired, said issues such as inflation, immigration and education brought him out to vote Tuesday.

Jessica Vogtman, 37, of Westminster, came out to vote Tuesday because she doesn’t trust mail-in voting.

“I feel like it’s more secure to vote in person,” the child birth educator said.

Vogtman said she voted for incumbent Carroll County Sheriff Jim DeWees, a Republican. DeWees is running unopposed.