Candidate for Clerk of the Circuit Court: Robin Frazier

Candidate for Clerk of the Circuit Court: Robin Frazier
Candidate for Clerk of the Circuit Court: Robin Frazier

Robin Bartlett Frazier

Residence: Taneytown


Age: 58

Political Affiliation: Republican


Profession: Finance, Government, Security (20 years, 20 years, 12 years)

Current place(s) of employment:  Frazier Machine Company, Consulting for Instant Access Networks, Promise K-14 (4 years) 

Education: Johns Hopkins University, Evening College - Federal Reserve Seminar; Money and Banking/Economics American Institute of Banking - Foundations of Banking Diploma with Honors Institute of Financial Education, Certificate of course completion – Residential Mortgage Lending and Basic Principles of Real Estate Appraising

Community groups involved in: InfraGard, Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, AGORA Ministries, Defend Life and Filippino Americans of Carroll County

Why are you interested in running for this office?

I have many years in public service. The motivation for serving has always been to promote freedom and protect the people’s inalienable rights. I will never forget taking a People Helpers course with Rev. Franklin Miller at Quiet Place Ministries in Finksburg that encouraged having a heart to serve people. That was preparation, no doubt, for serving in elected positions as a people helper.

In America, three branches of government have been established to set up checks and balances. Powers are separated so that power cannot corrupt. When the executive or legislative branches of government infringe on the rights of the people, the judicial branch is the remedy. Years working with the Clerks’ office with land records and licenses, I know the importance of their work. Recently I have walked through processes in the Court. Accurate and timely files kept in proper order for the Judges allow them to make the best decisions. Otherwise, someone may lose their property, civil rights, Constitutional rights and/or money.

Having managerial and administrative skills, and knowledge of government budgeting and structure, I can continue to improve and secure the processes, services and records, helping people enjoy liberty and justice in Carroll County.

Explain why you are qualified for the office you seek.

The Clerk of the Court must have strong management and people skills and familiarity with government structure. I am an Experienced Manager and a Proven Public Servant:

EXPERIENCED MANAGER: President, Frazier Machine; Project Manager, Instant Access Networks; County Commissioner 1998-2002 and 2010-2014; Chairman of Planning and Zoning Commission; Manager of Mercantile Mortgage Carroll County Office; Assistant Treasurer, Westminster Bank and Trust; Sr. Clerk, Savings Department; AWANA Commander; AGORA Ministries Board.


PROVEN PUBLIC SERVANT: Commissioner 1998-2002 and 2010–2014; Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives Agricultural Commission 2010 -2014; Governor Ehrlich’s Office of Volunteerism and Intergovernmental Affairs 2003 -2006; Carroll County Planning and Zoning Commission 1994-1998; Republican State Central Committee 1990-1994; Maryland Federation of Republican Women Western Region Chairman 2018; Maryland Association of Counties Board Member 2010–2014.

I have first-hand experience moving a case through the system. I agree with Secretary Kelly Schulz; good customer service is a must! I incentivized good service and training as a Commissioner; this can be replicated. My knowledge in securing data, continuity of operations and good banking dual control processes will be most helpful as more and more technology is used in the Clerks’ Office.

What are the three main issues you wish to address during your campaign and how do you plan to address them?

SERVICE: The Clerk of the Court balances services to the Courts and services to the People, sometimes in separate transactions and sometimes in the same transaction. When the job is done well, it tends towards Liberty and Justice for all.

Accuracy, timeliness and proper order are high priorities in providing services to the Courts. Accessibility, efficiency and helpfulness are priorities for All People we serve. I hope to improve on these areas as I take a fresh look at the processes with no bias as to how it should be done and good input from those who know how to do it best – the employees. Incentives for excellent performance and continued education will be part of an ever-improving workforce.

All citizens deserve good customer service whether working with land records, court dockets or getting a license. More technology may present new customer service goals that will have to be addressed, which leads to my second focus on Security.

SECURITY: Security must be a priority, especially in light of electronic records. Much of the records we keep are public, but making sure the records remain accessible, complete, in order and filed properly and accurately is paramount.

When power is down, the Clerks’ Office should not be. Back up records, an adequate back-up source of power, and a plan for operating under critical loads only, should be in place. Every day, there should be balancing of accounts with dual control to be sure all transactions are accounted for, accurate and in the right place.

Cybersecurity should be considered and monitoring of equipment and information should be continual to ensure accurate records and files. Security is an ever-changing challenge we must strive to stay on top of because of the importance of accuracy and timeliness in the Clerk’s Office.

The SACRED OATH: The Clerk of the Court’s office has the responsibility of swearing in those who must take an oath. Sometimes this is done in the Courtroom, taking an oath to tell the truth; sometimes with those who will serve in elected or appointed positions and take an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, the Maryland Constitution, and the laws of the jurisdiction for which they serve. These are most serious and important pledges taken before God and man. One of my goals as the Clerk of the Court will be to better educate and make resources available to those taking an oath so they can be reminded of the gravity of what they are doing and the great responsibility it is to uphold the oath they take.