The Carroll County Environmental Advisory Council recently updated and released the 2019 edition of a booklet outlining the county’s environmental stewardship.

“Environmental Stewardship in Carroll County” celebrates Carroll’s successes in preserving, protecting, and restoring the environment, according to a media release, as well as in raising community awareness and promoting green practices.


“Carroll County has a great story to tell,” EAC Secretary Brenda Dinne told the Times.

“Carroll County has been a leader in the state with programs and policies that demonstrate the county’s commitment to environmental stewardship,” she said. “The county also ranks as one of the top in the nation with the environmental stewardship implemented through the Agricultural Land Preservation Program.”

The Agricultural Land Preservation Program has long been recognized for its achievements in preserving farmland, states the release, and more than 71,000 acres have been preserved through the program.

The county has also been working since 2008 to retrofit existing stormwater management facilities, addressing federal and state permit requirements. The county has surpassed 100 percent of the permit-required restoration goal already for this permitting term.

More information on these and other programs can be found in the booklet.

“The booklet summarizes some of the positive environmental steps that the citizens and local government have taken,” Dinne said.

The Environmental Stewardship booklet is available to view or download under that title on the EAC webpage at http://ccgovernment.carr.org/ccg/eac/. Hard copies are available at the Carroll County Department of Land & Resource Management, at 225 N. Center St., Westminster.

Brenda Dinne, EAC Secretary and Staff Liaison, can be reached for additional information by phone: 410-386-2140, and by email: eac@carrollcountymd.gov.

The next EAC meeting will take place at 3 p.m. on April 17.