Sykesville residents Dan and Kat Eckhart peer into future, unveil predictions for 2021

For those curious or concerned about what the new year has in store for us, fear not ― a husband and wife tandem has put their minds together just in time.

Sykesville residents Dan and Kat Eckhart recently unveiled their predictions for 2021, and they say they feel confident the calendar’s turn will be a positive one.


The Carroll County couple dabbles in many aspects of magic and mysticism, from mind-reading and mentalism to seances and psychic readings. The Eckharts provide entertainment for private parties and events, and they garnered publicity in February 2019 by predicting some of the headlines in the Carroll County Times. For their next challenge, Dan Eckhart said they aimed to go over an entire year and come up with their best guesses as to what will happen in such aspects as global, national and personal events, politics, health and wealth.

“People have been sitting around kind of wondering what the next step is,” Dan Eckhart said. “While we certainly don’t know with 100% accuracy, we wanted to see what the various models ... had to say.”


He said he and his wife tried to look at cycle models to determine what sort of things repeat themselves through history, while paying attention to other methods such as astrology, tarot card reading and divinatory tools. Kat Eckhart said they turned to astrology at the end of 2019 to get a look at what 2020 had in store for us.

“[Astrology] did not predict, I would say, coronavirus, but [the signs] were like, ‘This year is going to be really bad,’ ” she said.

Astrology came into play again with their 2021 predictions, and Dan Eckhart said one thing kept coming back to them ― in a few months from now, people are going to be ready to get moving again and get rid of COVID-19.

The Eckharts say President-elect Joe Biden and his administration, starting in April, “will declare major victories” against the spread of the coronavirus, and the nation will feel a reprieve by May. Meanwhile, outgoing President Donald Trump “will start a Trump-themed TV network, designed to sell Trump-branded kitsch before beginning a long fade from the public view,” according to the Eckharts.

All will not be positive, however, for the country’s new president; there will be a health scare for Biden during the last quarter of 2021, the Eckharts predict, “resulting in short-term discussions around transitions in power.”

Dan and Kat Eckhart, of Sykesville, have put together a list of predictions for 2021.
Dan and Kat Eckhart, of Sykesville, have put together a list of predictions for 2021. (Courtesy Photo/Dan Eckhart)

On a more universal scale, 2021 looks to be the year we finally make contact with extraterrestrial life. “UFO sightings will increase nationally throughout the year,” according to the Eckharts’ predictions, “and life will be discovered in another galaxy.”

And in sports, the University of Alabama’s football team “will experience a major upset” after its usual standout season.

“What do these other tools tell us about people’s movement? Are there some months which will be more restrictive than others?” Dan Eckhart said. “That’s how we came to the conclusion that really moving from May to June is going to be a really, really good time for a lot of people. A sense of freedom, a sense of coming out of things.”

Kat Eckhart said none of the 2021 predictions came as a surprise to her and her husband, given their background and experience in the mystical arts.

“This all came out of the knowledge of the cycle models of astrology, and then we drilled down with certain divinatory tools,” she said. “Whenever you’re doing a divination with an oracle of some type, you’re always bringing yourself into that a little bit.”

The Eckharts scheduled an online event for New Year’s Eve, giving people a chance to use Zoom and get their own set of predictions. And the couple will be continuing to try to amaze the public with their paranormal performances and prognostications.

Dan Eckhart said he knows there are skeptics at every turn and that people chalk up what he and his wife do as merely parlor tricks. The Eckharts are quick to say what they do is a service to their community.


“We understand why it’s perceived that way,” Dan Eckhart said. “There’s a funny thing about astrology in general that I always keep coming back to. And that’s the more you believe in it, the more it seems to believe in you. And the more it works for you. We leave it up to the general public to determine how they want to interpret what we’re doing.

“Whether they say it’s a magic trick or if it’s witchcraft or whatever, that’s for them to decide. But if it’s works, great, go for it. And if it doesn’t, there’s something else out there for you.”

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