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Allan Culver selected as Carroll County’s interim state’s attorney

After nearly 20 years working at the Carroll County State’s Attorney’s Office, Allan Culver will be the interim state’s attorney.

The position opened after Brian DeLeonardo, the state’s attorney for the past six years, was selected by Gov. Larry Hogan to be a Carroll circuit court judge. DeLeonardo was sworn to that bench on Thursday.


Carroll County Circuit Court judges then chose Culver, Carroll’s former deputy state’s attorney, for the position. He assumed that position effective Friday.

“I was honored to be appointed,” Culver said in an interview.


He said he always hoped to be a prosecutor, and his journey so far has been rewarding. On a personal level, he said he’s made friends in the office and among law enforcement. And on a professional level, he said he’s experienced different types of cases.

“We’ve stayed here for 20 years so the community certainly made a good impression on me,” he said.

Culver, 51, primarily grew up in Montgomery County, attended University of Baltimore School of Law and clerked for judges in Prince George’s County. He was hired at Carroll’s state’s attorney’s office in October 2001 and moved to the county a year later.

“The office itself has always had kind of a family atmosphere,” said Culver.

He said the same about the legal community and residents of Carroll. “It’s a worthwhile place to be a prosecutor.”

As the deputy state’s attorney, he worked in the courtroom a lot more than he will as the interim state’s attorney, Culver said. His new responsibilities will make for less court time, something he said he’ll miss, and more administrative duties. He is, however, excited to continue working with the community in his new role.

He seeks to “continue to make sure this is a place people want to work,” he said. “And continue doing work that needs to be done to represent the citizens of Carroll County.”

DeLeonardo described Culver as a “prosecutor’s prosecutor” and someone with commitment. One of the first cases they worked together, both Culver and DeLeonardo recalled, was a 10-day murder case.


“I’ve certainly been incredibly impressed with him,” DeLeonardo said. “I couldn’t be happier to see him take the reigns.”

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Culver said one of his goals as state’s attorney is navigating from virtual operations to in person.

“We want to make sure we get back involved in face-to-face outreach,” he said.

Culver added he also wants to expand on what they have already done, like addressing opioid addiction problem.

“It’s still an ongoing issue, so we have to figure out what we can do to help out,” he said.

Culver also mentioned a new building to house the state’s attorney’s office that’s in the works, though he is not yet sure of its timeline.


Culver will be the interim state’s attorney until the next election. The primary election is June 28, 2022, and the general election is Nov. 8, 2022. David Ellin, a Finksburg resident and attorney, is the only candidate to file for the seat so far.

The interim state’s attorney said his primary focus as of now is moving the office forward and will later decide what he wants to do when it comes to running for office.