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As COVID-19 cases again increase in region, Carroll health official encourages mask-wearing in crowded indoor spaces

Carroll County’s deputy health officer said Tuesday that “COVID-19 cases in Carroll County are exploding, mostly due to the increased contagiousness of current strains, and very little attention to masking in crowded spaces, especially schools,” and encouraged everyone to wear a mask in indoor crowded spaces.

Dr. Robert Wack also said, in an interview, that hospitalizations are increasing in the county “and people are still dying from COVID-19 infections.”


Residents should avoid crowded indoor spaces but if they cannot, Wack said, they should wear a mask, especially if they are unvaccinated, immunocompromised, or live with someone who is.

Hospitalization data in Carroll is one week behind, but at the beginning of May, 12 individuals were hospitalized in the county due to COVID-19.


The county’s case rate, calculated over a seven-day rolling average, was 26.38 per 100,000 as of Monday. Last week’s rate was 20.18.

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According to the local health department, as of May 16, the county’s positivity rate was 14.92%, which is a 2.88% increase from the previous week.

COVID-19 cases have been steadily rising in the county since the week of March 27, when 46 cases were reported.

Last week, Carroll had 290 positive COVID-19 cases, a substantial increase from the previous week’s total of 196. During the week of April 24, 124 confirmed cases were reported.

As of this week, 72.3% of Carroll County’s population had been fully vaccinated and 55.1% had received a COVID-19 booster. Boosters are recommended for ages 12 and older. Second boosters are available for people 50 and older or those who are 12 and older and have certain immune-compromising conditions.

“Get your boosters, and if you contract COVID-19, strongly consider a course of the safe and highly effective COVID-19 antiviral medications currently available,” Wack said.

The health department is offering all three COVID-19 vaccines approved in the U.S. at local vaccine clinics. Residents can preregister or walk in. Clinics are scheduled at the Westminster Senior Center Wednesday and on May 25 from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Register for clinics at