Carroll County Recycling Operations has begun its spring 2019 compost bin and rain barrel pre-sale.
Carroll County Recycling Operations has begun its spring 2019 compost bin and rain barrel pre-sale. (Courtesy photo)

Carroll County Recycling Operations has begun accepting preorders for its compost bin and rain barrel sale.

Preorders can be made until April 17, and the compost bins — for $50 — and rain barrels — for $60 — will be available for pickup between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. on April 27 at the Carroll County government building in Westminster.


The Enviro World compost bins have a retail value of $100 and the rain barrels are valued at $120, according to a county news release.

“We really try to keep food waste out of the landfills,” recycling manager Maria Myers told the Times on Wednesday. “We encourage people to do as much backyard composting as possible — because we don't have a composting program available to us at the county.”

And the easiest way to compost, she said, is through the backyard composting of vegetable trimmings and other plant matter.

“The bins will come with instructions that are pretty easy,” she said. “I have a brochure people can have if they want any additional information as well.”

Rain barrels are also great conservation tools, the recycling manager explained.

The Town of Hampstead announced Tuesday it will no longer be accepting plastic bags in recycling bins after Hughes Trash Removal notified them the county no longer accepts them. The mandate went into effect across the county a few months ago, but will now be more strictly enforced.

“We tend to get a lot of water in spring,” Myers said. “It’s a good time to start collecting it to be able to use during the dry spells. It’s especially important to keep [water] from running off and being wasteful.”

Water collected in the rain barrels can be let out through a spigot at the bottom of the barrel, to water gardens, or transported for other uses by bucket.

Myers has been organizing the container preorder sale on behalf of the county’s recycling department for about three years. Before that, the county would sell them directly from the parking lot at a truck sale — and risked running out of one item or the other.

“This way you can order exactly what you want and it will be here,” Myers said.

And it’s been pretty popular, she says.

Almost two months into the pay-as-you-throw trash pilot program, the Town of New Windsor is beginning to see success. The program, known as the Fair Trash Reduction (FuTuRe) program, began in November with the first trash pickup on Nov. 6. The pilot is scheduled to last 34 weeks.

“It’s worked out pretty well,” she said, “and we can fit them into all kinds of vehicles — small vehicles, even, we can load them in there.”

The county recycling department can be reached for any additional questions on the sale by phone, at 410-386-2510. Orders can only be made — and more details on the sale can be found — online at www.enviroworld.us/carrollcountymd. Both debit and credit cards are accepted.

More information about Enviro World products can also be found on the company’s general website, www.enviroworld.us.