The Board of County commissioners approved a slew of utilities projects and a stormwater retrofit contract, and heard a quarterly budget update at their Thursday meeting.

Commissioners were in and out of the meeting, as three of them had other events to attend. Commissioner Ed Rothstein, R-District 5, was absent the entire meeting to attend a Veterans Day celebration at Century High School. Richard Weaver, R-District 2, arrived about 20 minutes into the meeting after representing the commissioners at a Carroll County agribusiness breakfast meeting. Stephen Wantz, R-District 1, exited at about 10 a.m. to attend an event for Maryland Association of Counties in Annapolis, but returned briefly to provide information to the board before leaving.


The commissioners awarded a $493,710 contract to Stambaugh’s Inc. of Union Bridge for the retrofit of the Central Maryland 2 stormwater facility. The county received 13 bids for the project, and Stambaugh’s was the lowest, according to the meeting agenda.

The stormwater facility was built in 1982 and does not meet current standards, according to Janet O’Meara, watershed management coordinator. It services the industrial park off of Klees Mill Road and is a privately owned facility, O’Meara said.

Gale Engles, bureau chief of resource management, said they hope the retrofit work will begin later this month. Commissioners Dennis Frazier, R-District 3, Eric Bouchat, R-District 4, and Wantz voted 3-0 to approve the contract.

Commissioners were briefed on the Town of Hampstead’s plan to annex a half-acre parcel of land along Singer Street into town limits. The land is currently zoned residential in the county limits and is planned to be zoned residential in Hampstead as well, according to comprehensive planner Clare Stewart. The property owner prompted the annexation, Stewart said.

Ted Zaleski, director of management and budget, also updated the commissioners on the state of the budget as of September’s close.

“Our biggest revenue (property tax) would appear to be just a hair over what we expected,” Zaleski said.

Weaver asked Zaleski to define “a hair.” Zaleski said about $400,000.

How much income tax the county will receive “remains a big question mark” currently, according to Zaleski. With that caveat, he said, the year-end projection for all county revenues is expected to be about $800,000 above budget.

“It’s way too early to make any confident prediction of where we’re going to end up, but as things stand, there are open positions where we didn’t spend money and we don’t expect to spend it," Zaleski said. "And we’re having some savings on utilities and fuel, relative to what we budgeted.”

The Board of Commissioners approved the following Bureau of Utilities projects:

  • $25,000 to install water meter vaults on 20 residential properties that front Blacksmith Drive in Eldersburg
  • $113,728 to replace fire hydrants and valve bolts at 25 locations throughout the Freedom District service area
  • $61,147 to line 1,300 linear feet of a gravity sewer main in the vicinity of Shiloh Pumping Station
  • $51,425 for the epoxy spray-lining of 120 vertical feet on 16 individual sewer manhole structures that are part of the aforementioned gravity sewer main
  • $37,305 for the point repair of a failed section of Gaming Square sewer main in Hampstead