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Carroll County commissioners approve $280K purchase of reserve ambulance

Carroll County will soon acquire an ambulance with updated technology and safety features to replace an older reserve vehicle.

At Thursday’s Board of County Commissioners meeting, members approved a request from the Bureau of Fleet Management and Warehouse Operations to purchase a 2018 Ford F550 Type I Ambulance from Fesco Emergency Sales in the amount of $281,981.


The purchase amount includes the Stryker Power Load, which supports a stretcher throughout loading and unloading, and Stretcher Power Pro, a battery-powered hydraulic system which raises and lowers a stretcher at the touch of a button.

This ambulance will replace a 2003 model which has accumulated about 96,000 miles.


“Due to its age and antiquated technology, we are looking to trade it in to Fesco and purchase the new 2018 model,” Reed Oliver, chief of fleet management, said. “Although it is from 2018, it is still brand new, has zero miles and still comes with a full standard warranty … Fesco is also providing us with a two-year, 24,000-mile warranty on all ambulance accessories.”

Michael Robinson, director of Fire and EMS for the county, said when one of the county’s 15 primary ambulances are down due to maintenance or a traffic accident, this new vehicle “will match the technology being primarily used,” including a power load and a power cot system and updated safety features.

“The stretcher is completely automatic so we don’t have to do any lifting of the stretcher,” Robinson said, adding the ambulance will include mounting devices allowing for the easy transition of advanced monitoring equipment from one ambulance to another.

Robinson said the vehicle could also serve other purposes, being operationally ready in case of an immediate mission, such as a mass casualty or high call volumes.