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Carroll County commissioners approve $52,000 to hire medical director for new fire/EMS department

Carroll County government is forging a relationship with Johns Hopkins School of Medicine to hire a medical director who will oversee operations for the county’s new Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

The Board of Carroll County Commissioners voted unanimously Thursday to approve a $52,000 annual independent contract with Johns Hopkins, which will hire the position. The medical director will work six to eight hours per week overseeing all operations of the county’s EMS department, but could eventually move to a full-time position, if needed.


The addition of a medical director is required under Maryland regulations, according to Michael Robinson Sr., the county’s director of fire and emergency services.

Robinson said partnering with Johns Hopkins made sense since “they’re one of the best medical institutions in the country.” He said the partnership would allow for use of clinical hospital sites to allow for hospital-based and classroom training for paramedics and other staff.


Commissioner Eric Bouchat said hiring a medical director with Johns Hopkins will help to cover a big liability, as malpractice stipulations for this position will be provided by Johns Hopkins.

“It’s a nice benefit,” said Bouchat, who represents District 4.

In October 2020, commissioners voted unanimously to create the county’s first combination fire and emergency medical services department. The new department is meant to bring together Carroll’s 14 community fire companies under a county-administered department with paid staff. For the last 2½ years, county staff has been working to help the department come to fruition by hiring staff and purchasing equipment.