Cascade Lake drainage continues
Cascade Lake overflows as flooding closed a number of roads in Carroll County on Wednesday, July 25, 2018. (Alex Mann/Carroll County Times)

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office said Monday that workers continue to drain water from Cascade Lake in Hampstead.

The lake reached its maximum capacity of water and a recent inspection of the dam revealed damage.


Workers are attempting to reduce the water level to a point where they can perform a controlled breach of the dam.

“The dam remains a hazard until the breach is completed,” according to a news release from the Sheriff’s Office sent out Monday afternoon.

The property owners’ engineers are devising a plan to complete the breach. The Maryland Department of the Environment’s Division of Dam Safety will review the plan before the breach can happen.

The Sheriff’s Office said the immediate threat of flooding for downstream areas including the tributary of the East Branch of the Patapsco River have calmed, but residents of these areas should remain vigilant and “be prepared for large amounts of water flowing downstream” while the lake is drained.

Syndersburg Road remains closed between Cape Horn Road and Hampstead Mexico Road. The road will not be reopened “until the emergency condition has been addressed,” according to the news release.

The National Weather Service forecast shows chances of rain — from thunderstorms to showers — through Friday, meaning more water could accumulate in Cascade Lake.