More rain for Carroll County, rest of the region expected tonight

Carroll County is going to see more rain tonight and continuing into next week.

With numerous scattered rain showers on the forecast for Wednesday evening, and more storms heading into next week, the region is going to see more rain add to the already record precipitation this season.


The storms are “similar to what we’ve been seeing for the past couple of months with the heavy rain again,” said Dan Hofmann, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, on Wednesday afternoon. “It’s very humid today — not just right at ground level where we are standing, but all the way up through the atmosphere. Tens of thousands of feet up the humidity is very high. So there’s a lot of moisture to work with.

“The silver lining to that,” he said, “is the storms today should be moving a bit quicker [than previous storms].”

Storms Wednesday evening will be moving at 20 to 30 miles per hour.

Aside from being faster than previous storms, the scattered storms will also be moving in a more linear fashion than those that flooded the region recently, Hofmann said.

“Multiple [storms] were going over the same spots [previously],” Hofmann said. “It’s just the way that things line up sometimes, the way things will look like [tonight] is: They’ll all come in one line, in tandem like a train almost.

“But we’ve had so much rain recently that if you get a particularly heavy thunderstorm that lasts more than a few minutes,” he said, “if there is any creek or river that’s already high from previous weather, you can see flooding regardless.”

The meteorologist said Thursday and Friday look a little clearer for Carroll County. However, more rain is expected this weekend and heading into next week.

“It looks like we have another relatively slow moving area of low pressure that will park itself in the area early this weekend or next week which could set us up for repeated thundershowers or storms,” Hofmann said.