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Carroll County commissioners approve $53,000 from budget for 13 guardrail repairs

More than a dozen damaged or destroyed guardrails in Carroll County will be getting repaired soon.

On Thursday, the Board of Carroll County Commissioners unanimously approved $53,309.10 from the fiscal 2023 budget to repair 13 damaged or destroyed guardrails in the county. Commissioners approved $14,660 for the installation of new guardrails and $38,649.10 for repairs, according to county documents.


The allocation includes installation of a new section of guardrail on Bethel Road, which was recently double-chip sealed. The process for chip sealing involves applying a layer of asphalt and aggregate in order to improve skid resistance and suppress road dust.

Long Fence Co. in Frederick County will be doing the work on a contract that was competitively bid.


“Some of these guardrail repairs are a result of vehicle accidents and will be reimbursed through the drivers’ insurance companies, provided a police report was received,” county documents state. “The remaining guardrail repairs from accidents and tree damage will be absorbed through the Roads Operations traffic control budget.”

The Bureau of Road Operations maintains approximately 988 miles of Carroll County roads, of which 923 are paved and 65 are unpaved. Roads within the incorporated municipal limits of towns and cities are maintained by the respective municipalities.

Routine maintenance performed and paid by the county includes guardrail replacement and repairs, pavement patching and crack sealing, pavement line striping and traffic control signage, storm drain and road cross culvert pipe repair and replacement, drainage outfall and roadside ditch grading, unpaved road grading, roadside tree trimming and tree removal, traffic barrier repair, roadside mowing, and snow plowing.