Carroll County government partners with Carroll Community College to offer 'Carroll 101' class

Carroll County government and Carroll Community College are partnering up to offer a kind of Government 101 course for citizens interested in learning about Carroll County.

The five-session course, Carroll 101, is a noncredit class that will be held in the spring from mid-February through mid-March, “with an agenda which promotes learning everything citizens wanted to know about local government but were afraid to ask,” according to a county government release.


“The college is excited to partner with the county to offer Carroll 101 as a noncredit Continuing Education course open to the public,” said Karen Merkle, vice president continuing education and training this week.

“The five sessions presented by area directors will provide useful information about the workings of Carroll County government,” she said. “This partnership is a good example of how our county organizations work together to provide timely and relevant educational opportunities to citizens.”

Focusing on major areas of Carroll County government, the course will offer presentations by the Board of County Commissioners, department directors, Sheriff Jim DeWees and State’s Attorney Brian DeLeonardo, and cover topics including: economic development, emergency services, land and resource management, and public works.

County Administrator Roberta Windham said the same series of classes was offered in 2007.

“I felt it was a good time to do it again,” she said Tuesday.

Windham, who was not a county government employee during that time, took the 2007 course herself.

“People have their ideas of what county government is,” she told the Times Tuesday, “but hopefully they will come and learn the breadth of what we do.

“The idea is to give people the opportunity to learn more about the breadth of the service and work that the county does,” Windham said. “And it will be county staff. It will be commissioners and county staff, and then the state’s attorney, the sheriff and the courts.”

The class is five Wednesday evenings, Feb. 13 to March 13, at the Washington Road campus. Participants can register today online; in person at the community college; or by phone, 410-386-8100.

Carroll 101 is listed in the new Winter/Spring catalog or available online at