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Welcome to Westminster: Two tech businesses hold grand openings

Westminster welcomed two technology-focused businesses, one focused on helping startup companies and the other on IT support and computer repair, with next-door grand openings Thursday afternoon.

Startup Portal and Tomlin Technologies, Inc., are neighbors in the office building at 532 Baltimore Blvd. (Md. 140).


Rick Leimbach, the owner and CFO advisor for Startup Portal who brings previous experience as a chief financial officer, hopes to provide startup businesses access to cloud-based tools and financial know-how.

“This is a location where people can come and really envision themselves as a startup,” he said. “I want to be the finance guy helping you along your journey.”


“From my experience working with people," Leimbach continued, “especially with companies where we’ve raised a lot of capital, having the forward-looking aspect of it and planning allows you to make the right decisions.”

He also wants to turn the space into a hub, with plans to host pitch nights, talks and other events to help visitors benefit from those with real-life experience in running a business.

More information is available at or @startupportal on social media.

Though Zach Tomlin started Tomlin Technologies, Inc. about a decade ago, Thursday was the grand opening of a new, public facing storefront for the IT support and computer repair company. He said he was humbled to celebrate the day as a fourth-generation business owner in Carroll County.

The Westminster fiber network allows the business to connect to clients, some of whom are on different continents, he said.

He praised the city’s fiber network over the internet availability in Hampstead, where he ran an unsuccessful campaign for mayor in 2019. As he was campaigning, he was also searching for a location.

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“I’m in IT. I need a stable internet connection," he said. "They passed on fiber optics, and Westminster did not, so here’s where I am.”

Later, he raised a hand to gesture at the room filled with family, elected officials and fellow business owners. “It’s this room. It’s this community. Everybody has been so supportive.”


More information is available at or @tomlintechnology on social media.

Graham Dodge, of the Mid-Atlantic Gigabit Innovation Collaboratory (MAGIC), said via email: “It’s a great sign to see these businesses starting and growing here in Westminster! I am in close contact with both business owners and look forward to not only helping them grow and succeed, but also in working with them to help other startups and technology companies thrive in Westminster.”

Tomlin is a member of the Board of Directors for Magic.

Carroll County Chamber of Commerce President Mike McMullin said technology reaches throughout work and home life, "so to have companies that can help and assist with that is huge, especially to have the local ones that you know. Not some large outfit that handles everything in the state, but people who are local because you come to depend on them, and you get to know them, and you see him in the stores. You get a better product, you get a better service from people who are local. I firmly believe that with things like this.”

He said that what is unique and amazing about Carroll County is “all the partnering that the businesses do and are not afraid to do.”