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Black Lives Matter protests continuing in Westminster

Last week, Black Lives Matter protests were held every day in Westminster in front of the Carroll County Public Library on East Main Street. The protests will continue this week.

Protests will be held each night from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., according to Joshlyn Copes, one of the organizers.


Organizers Tarin Mclean and Copes, her aunt, weren’t sure they would continue to the protests after June 7 but were able to get their permit renewed through June 14.

“We plan on going on for a while and getting more involved on the political side to make some changes within the Carroll government and community,” said Mclean.


Mclean said they are now working on getting government officials involved and to come out.

Monday morning a protester in the movement, Katie Staab, emailed District 5 delegates Haven Shoemaker and April Rose, Carroll County Commissioner Eric Bouchat, R-District 4 and Board of Education of Carroll County member Kenny Kiler, all of whom attended a ReOpen Maryland rally on Saturday, inviting them to participate in the Black Lives Matter protests.

Rose and Bouchat hadn’t seen the email yet by early Monday afternoon and said they weren’t aware of the information regarding the week-long protests. Shoemaker could not be reached for comment.

Kiler responded to Staab that he would love to attend and inquired for further information on when and where the protests would be held.

Monday night, they will be hosting live stream of the town council meeting by projecting it outside and Mclean will use Facebook live so those at home can see and hear it, according to Copes.

“That way we can make changes on a higher level because we can protest but we also need to reach out and that’s what we’ve been getting together and meeting about the last couple of days while out protesting," said Mclean.