Black Friday in Westminster: Big box stores and Main Street shopping

Westminster shoppers sought out great deals on the major shopping holiday Friday, not only downtown at the big box stores but also at local shops on Main Street.

Black Friday is traditionally the time for people to clear off their shopping list for gifts for the holiday season, so they want to get the best deals. Big box stores are a common go-to for those trying to get a good deal.


“It didn’t take long, plus the help was nice,” said Kenny Long about his Target shopping experience Friday morning. “Everything was good.”

Long only went to big box stores, starting with Walmart then on to Target.


Debbie and Megan Chenoweth started their shopping day early in the morning at Kohl’s then headed to Target.

“I’m not a planner, I’m just an impulse buyer,” said Debbie. “When I see it and it moves me, I have to have it. We go for the sport of it."

“The sport and the people watching,” Megan added.

Both were out hunting for Christmas gifts but Megan was looking for many “Frozen”-centric gifts along with Legos.

It was Andrea Warnick’s first Black Friday shopping experience and she only had two big box stores on her list for the day.

“It was a lot easier than I expected, I thought it was going to be nuts,” said Warnick. “It’s starting to get a little bit more crowded now, but it was totally fine.”

Warnick started her day at Target looking for electronics and continued on to Lowe’s.

Meanwhile, on Main Street in Westminster, local businesses had some deals ready in honor of Small Business Saturday and Shop Small Passport Week.

Steve Allgeier is used to a mixed form of shopping by going to both big box stores and local shops with his family but also sees the importance of supporting local businesses.

“I knew the running shoe store, Run Moore, was having a big sale so I’m getting a pair of shoes. We live right in town and we really enjoy having the town here. So, like many people, we love supporting the town,” said Allgeier. “It’s a mixed bag. I can honestly say, ‘hey, I’ve been at the big boxes, I shop online.' It’s all over the place.

"I think as a local person, you recognize that they struggle with ‘how do you make it better to get more people in town?’ So, l I think the struggle is still going on. Still have a couple vacancies and you see businesses move.”

Jan and Delaney Zeller usually find themselves shopping on Main Street and avoiding the big box stores.


“We do our best to shop local as much as we can,” said Delaney. “We usually stay on Main Street, Westminster area, anywhere we can get around here, not the big malls. They’re too crowded.”

To Jan, shopping local and supporting small businesses is another way to support the community.

“I’m a supporter of small businesses, for sure,” said Jan. “They need to be here to help us thrive as a city. So, it’s really important that we’re here just to help and sponsor them. I love seeing how Westminster has continued to just develop and grow. It’s a great community.”

Jan and Delaney both intend to visit other municipalities to shop on other Main Streets and participate in the Shop Small Passport Week.

According to both shopping experiences, the Black Friday experience isn’t as crazy and hectic as it used to be. Whether on Main Street or the Md. 140 corridor, residents experienced positive shopping experiences without all the craziness and occasional fighting.

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