Man charged with assault in Carroll County faces more charges after allegedly violating protection order

Patrick R. Lumb
Patrick R. Lumb (Courtesy Photo)

A Baltimore man is facing assault charges in Carroll County, as well as additional charges for allegedly violating a protection order for the person he allegedly assaulted Jan. 14.

Patrick R. Lumb, 30, of the 400 block of Riverside Road was originally charged with one count of second-degree assault and one count of false imprisonment. Lumb was arrested on these charges Jan. 22 and was held without bond until Jan. 27, when he was released on his own recognizance, according to online court records.


According to the charging documents, the victim reported to the Sykesville Police Department the following account. She said that on Jan. 14 Lumb started a verbal altercation with her that turned physical as he grabbed her by her arms, and punched her in her back and on her thighs. Lumb also stole the victim’s phone and car keys, refusing to allow her to leave for work that day. Lumb also sent threatening texts to the victim afterwards.

An officer noted large bruising on the victim, the charging documents state.

Lumb has a trial on those charges scheduled for March 11.

Lumb was also charged with one count each of electronic communication with the intent to harass, telephone misuse by making repeated calls, harassment and violating a protective order, according to online court records. Lumb is being held without bond on those charges.

According to charging documents, the victim told police that Lumb had been contacting her via text messages and phone calls after an order of protection had been issued. Lumb allegedly sent over 80 text messages and attempted to reach her by phone over 60 times.

Lumb has a trial for those charges scheduled for April 1.

After a second arrest warrant was issued, Lumb sent more than 30 text messages to the victim and called her over 15 times, according to charging documents. The Anne Arundel County Police Department arrested him Jan. 22 for the warrants that had been issued for his arrest, and he tried to call the victim several times from the detention center, charging documents state.

On Friday, Lumb was transported to Carroll County Detention Center, where he tried to call the victim more than 60 times and asked another inmate’s significant other to text the victim, according to charging documents. Police subsequently charged Lumb on Monday with electronic communication with intent to harass, telephone misuse by repeated calls, continuing harassment and violating a protective order, online court records show.

He is being held without bond for the latest charges and has a bail review hearing scheduled for Wednesday, online court records indicate.

No phone number was listed for Lumb in the charging documents. He is being represented by the Carroll County Public Defender’s Office, according to online court records.

Times reporter Mary Grace Keller contributed to this story.