2019 PEEPshow winners announced, from Marilyn Monroe to Snoopy

The Carroll County Arts Council named its 12th annual PEEPshow winners Tuesday.

The grand prize went to the Myers family — Jen, Justin, Connor and Jacob — for their piece, “Merry Peepsmas.” The piece was composed of some 2,343 Peeps from various holiday seasons and took about one month for the family to put it all together.


As any Carroll County resident would be, the Myers we excited to take home the grand prize.

“I think we were all shocked,” Jen Myers said. “We were all surprised and really excited.”


The Myerses took home a sterling silver Peep keychain, a special VIPeeps visit to the Just Born facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where the candy is created, and an overnight stay at the Historic Hotel Bethlehem.

This year saw quite the turnout with the line for the show stretching around the corner of Anchor and Main streets during its busiest times. The PEEPshow attracted more than 25,000 visitors to view more than 38,000 Peeps in 152 sculptures and view 10 films.

The popularity of a video game entered the contest as many participants used characters from Fortnite as their inspiration, according to JoAnna Crone, Carroll County Arts Council communications coordinator.

The PEEPShow from the Carroll County Arts Council revived an unusually large amount of oversized entries this year.

The inspiration for “Merry Peepsmas” came from the family’s love for Christmas and wanting to think outside of the box.


“We had the idea that we wanted to do something more than Easter Peeps,” Jen Myers said. “We wanted to do something different.”

The making of “Merry Peepsmas” was a family effort with Justin putting together the wooden base, Jacob and Connor cutting the heads off of peeps, Jen adding them onto the base and everyone adding their own presents to the bottom of it.

Jen currently is the holder of the keychain the family won. She said the family plans on taking its prize-winning trip to Just Born when her sons are out of school this summer.

Jeff and Denise Chenoweth took second place for the in-person votes for “Peeps on the Beach,” with Frederick Social Singles 40+ behind them in third place for “Flying Ace.”

Kelly Soverns took first place in online votes for “Marilyn Peeproe” with Davis Bodami behind her in second place for “Peepnite.”

The winner of the best PEEP Film went to the Latta Family for “Harry Peeper.” Winners of the best film received an annual pass for all Arts Council movies and their wining video will be screened before a free summer movie at CCAC.

It sounds simple enough: Design a sculpture, diorama or any other artistic creation either using Peeps marshmallows. But for the contestants who participate in the annual Peepshow in Westminster, the contest requires months of planning, preparation and patience.

All winners received a goodie bag with Peeps & Company merchandise and gift certificates, a souvenir trophy hand-crafted by artist Thomas Sterner and free registration for next year’s PEEPshow.

The amount of money raised at the show is still being calculated but the council expects to raise a “significant amount of money,” according to their press release.

The Myerses have already bought some Peeps in preparation for next year’s PEEPshow but have yet to decide on what exactly they want to do.

Audience favorite: In-person

  • First place: 4,971 votes, “Merry Peepsmas” by The Myers Family: Jen, Justin, Connor, and Jacob
  • Second: 3,936 votes, “Peeps On The Beach” by Jeff & Denise Chenoweth
  • Third: 3,248 votes, “Flying Ace” by Frederick Social Singles 40+
  • Fourth: 3,148 votes, “Peep Angel” by Robert and Toni Vargo
  • Fifth: 2,959 votes, “Peepnite Battle Bus” by Christian Twamley
  • Best PEEP Film: 682 Votes, “Harry Peeper” by The Latta Family

Audience favorite: Online

  • First place: 702 votes, “Marilyn Peeproe” by Kelly Soverns
  • Second: 522 votes, “Peepnite” by Davis Bodami
  • Third: 294 votes, “Peeps Chug Jug” by Paul Duchman Jr.
  • Fourth: 245 votes, “Escape From Box O'Peeps Island” by Noah Hamilton & Sterling Baker
  • Fifth: 230 votes, “Peep Angel” by Robert and Toni Vargo

Sponsors Choice awards

  • Carroll County Maryland Tourism Department: “Scouting Is For All Peep” by Cub Scout Pack 417
  • Quantum Internet and Telephone: “Warrior Peeps – River Peep & Thunder Peep Territories” by Piper Brown & Liam Stump
  • Ben Rogers of Edward Jones Investments: “These Peeps Were Made For Walking” by Peggy Petenbrink & Cherie Casey
  • Just Born Quality Confections: “Merry Peepsmas” by The Myers Family – Jen, Justin, Connor, and Jacob
  • NWSB Bank: “Special Peepsketball” by Nicole Hurley & Jesse Wolford

Artistic Excellence

  • “Take A Peep Out Of Cancer” by Suzanne Hirtle
  • “Sushi Peep” by Jacob & Lara King
  • “Peeptals” by Anna Voight
  • “Mr. Owl” by The Webb Family
  • “How Rainbows Are Made” by Jamie Alvarenga
  • “The Greatest Peeps Show” by Jan Halman Miller & Stella & Liza Coldsmith
  • “Peeps The Peepcock” by Senior Inclusion Program
  • “Dumbo Peep” by Gianna Bongiovani
  • “Flourish On Black” by The Odam Family
  • “Two Peeps In A Pod” by Candy Aaron

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