Home away from home for Carroll students on McDaniel move-in day

Going away to college wasn’t that much of a journey for incoming McDaniel College freshman Will Freundel — in fact it was really just down the road.

“I live in Westminster,” he said. “As kids we would come here to run on the track and play on the fields, stuff like that.”


But, on Thursday morning, Freundel joined more than 400 other incoming students for the McDaniel move in day, putting posters up on the walls of his new dorm room in Whiteford Hall. He said he chose to live on campus in part because he got a larger scholarship than if he would commute.

“And I kind of like being close so if I ever need anything I can just drive to my family,” Freundel added.

McDaniel students come from all over, according to college Director of Media Relations Cheryl Knauer, from surrounding states to the Netherlands, to, as with Freundel’s case, just around the corner.

“We have 475 freshman and transfer students for the class of 2022,” she said, a standard sized incoming class, she noted, though not all joined Freundel in the Thursday move-in. “We have our fall athletes moved in already over the past week or so, and then we had some students who lived far away or internationally who moved in early.”

And then there are upperclassmen, who move in later, Knauer said, save for those who turned out Thursday, not to move themselves in, but to help freshmen and their families.

Students like sophomore Emem Akpan and her classmates in the ROTC program, who were busy unloading cars in front of Rouzer Hall while wearing camo pants and yellow shirts proclaiming they were the “Move In Crew.”

“I am missing it, people moving in for me, but it feels great to be able to help them out,” Akpan said of being part of the Move In Crew, rather than a freshman moving in. “They are so grateful and they are so young and so fresh; I am excited for them.”

Akpan came to McDaniel from Howard County without any idea she would be joining ROTC. It was her experience with ROTC students helping her move in last year, she said, that helped her decide it was the right program for her.

“They were great, they were so responsible and helpful. Then some friends of mine joined ROTC and they were like, ‘This is great; this is a great opportunity.’ So I thought, ‘Let me do an amazing thing: serve my country,’ ” Akpan said. “I never thought I would be one of those people wearing Army pants and doing all this, but it’s great.”

Akpan, who is double-majoring in philosophy and political science, hopes to serve in the Army for five years and then go to law school.

Freundel plans to study accounting.

Makayla Whitehead, of Hampstead, meanwhile, hopes to become a journalist.

“I am probably going to do a double major in psych and English and then minor in journalism, because I want to try and find a way to write about psychology,” she said, having hung up a tapestry with pineapples on a white field above her dorm room bed in Whiteford Hall.

Whitehead said that ever since a summer orientation at McDaniel, she knew it was where she wanted to be for the next four years.


“As far as staying on campus, I really wanted to be more immersed in the culture of the school, because it had a lot of activities and clubs and things that just made it feel like home, I guess. I wanted to be more involved in that than if I commuted.”

As to just what clubs or activities she would get involved in Whitehead wasn’t too sure, but he planned to attend and involvement fair later on Thursday to check them all out. The important thing was that she was there, she was moved in and it felt right.

“I think it’s a really good fit for me,” she said.