Marriage licenses for the month of August

The following marriage licenses were issued in August:

Michael Ernest Mullinix, 27, to Elisha Anne Eastlake, 24, both of Mount Airy.


William Leroy Jameson, 45, to Susan Eileen Harter, 43, both of Avis, Pennsylvania.

Brent Michael McDuffie, 41, to Elaine Wai Keng Wong, 34, both of Gaithersburg.


Chad Mitchell Martin, 29, to Lindsay Nichole Burdette, 29, both of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Bassem Zaki Saad, 30, to Alejandra Giselle Borensztein, 32, both of New York, New York.

James Timothy Haynes, 57, to Susan Marie Askew, 53, both of Sykesville.

Donald Lee Cross Jr., 31, of New Oxford, Pennsylvania, to Jannae Nichole Ayres, 22, of Westminster.


Daniel Mark Yingling Jr., 26, of Hampstead, to Savannah Marie Wentz, 24, of Manchester.

Joshua James Radford, 27, to Ashley Nicole McLeish, 25, both of Hampstead.

Lewis McKinley Amos, 55, to Bonnie Sue Sier, 47, both of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Brian Christopher Haley, 29, to Genevieve Marlene Pierce, 26, both of Sykesville.

Benjamin Thomas Smith, 33, to Abby Rebecca Pyzik, 32, both of Lynchburg, Virginia.

Anna Elizabeth Milton, 18, to Grace Cathryn McClearen, 19, both of Greeneville, Tennessee.

Jason Ryan Jeffers, 35, to Emily Joyce Vollherbst, 27, both of Sparks Glenco.

William Kevin Bowers Jr., 28, to Shannon Marie Diggs, 26, both of Union Bridge.

Michael Vincent Hardesty, 29, of Hanover, Pennsylvania, to Julie Anne Bittner, 27, of Westminster.

Kelsey Joanne Marie McGrew, 26, to Alexander Gustav Buder II, 29, both of San Diego, California.

Christopher Keats Hunt, 34, to Alison Tiffany Mogar, 26, both of Baltimore.

Christina Louise Yodonise, 23, to Steve Lee Grogan, 24, both of New Oxford, Pennsylvania.

James Michael Burlas, 25, to Kristin Anne Lannon, 23, both of Eldersburg.

Demetris Themistokleous, 31, to Jennifer Ann Miller, 28, both of Silver Spring.

Mark James Geise, 29, to Tracey Lee Humphrey, 33, both of Westminster.

Richard William Bassler, 26, to Kylee Rose Thomas, 25, both of Westminster.

Theresa Nicole Fitzgerald, 24, of Hanover, Pennsylvania, to Michael Kenneth Perry, 19, of Hampstead.

Timothy Clayton Anthony Weyers, 32, to Heather Christine Herman, 26, both of Burbank, California.

Rhianna Jarelle Ross, 26, of Westminster, to Malcum Harold Ross, 28, both of Westminster.

Herbert William Doll Jr., 58, to Carolyn Ann Lehman, 49, both of Manchester.

Terrell Lee Anderson, 52, to Betty Marie Crowl, 60, both of Manchester.

Mittie Marie Edwards, 61, to Cynthia Marie Clopein, 53, both of Westminster.

James Albert Wilcox, 36, to Katherine Shannon Eckert, 43, both of Westminster.

Stephanie Elizabeth Witt, 28, to Brian Wayne Leaf, 29, both of Westminster.

Michael Wayne Meekins, 46, to Tina Marie Stitely, 46, both of Westminster.

Jalen Ranae Cross, 19, to Jacob Oliver Zoerner, 25, both of Keymar.

Erin Melinda Hazel, 31, to Carl Jordan Pasquali, 27, both of Lutherville.

Scott Michael Steinbach, 25, to Alicia Danielle Goetz, 23, both of Finksburg.

Brandi Nicole Elder, 28, of Westminster, to Stanley James Ford Jr., 31, of Eldersburg.

Frank James Stefancic, 68, to Judith Redding Parks, 64, both of Taneytown.

Howard Edward Harpel III, 50, of Finksburg, to Michelle Leann Dykes, 44, of Westminster.

Jamie Lynn Smith, 30, Joseph Anthony Enke, 31, both of Santa Cruz, California.

Benjamin Charles Finfrock, 21, of Alexandria, Virginia, to Anna Elizabeth Catoe, 21, of Arbutus.

Patrick Shaun Curley, 25, to Brooke Alexandria Sales, 25, both of Sykesville.

Christopher Warren Stanton, 30, to Kristen Howard Cornwall, 32, both of Elkridge.

Nicholas Andrew Atwell, 36, to Lydia Ann Eppig, 30, both of Mount Airy.

Walter Milton Laird, 31, to Melissa Renee Keska, 32, both of Gerrardstown, Washington.

Richard Lee Elliott, 24, to Sarah Elizabeth Martin, 22, both of Reisterstown.

Brianne Lee Parsons, 25, to Sean Michael Streett, 26, both of Hampstead.

Niall Andrew Downing, 31, of Eldersburg, Kami Dawn Bowman, 26, of Owings Mills.

Allen David Schaeffer Jr., 51, to Shelly Lynn Peterson, 49, both of Taneytown.

Ronald Wayne Andrews Jr., 24, to Georgia Michelle Fringer, 25, both of Westminster.

Kenneth Michael Siegman, 24, to Brittany Lynn Harnish, 25, both of Westminster.

Michael Charles Collett, 35, to Denise Lorraine Goodwin, 37, both of Catonsville.

David Lee Zepp, 42, Karen Louise McWilliams, 46, both of Littlestown, Pennsylvania.

Stephan Craig Thompson, 44, Cherie Edwina Holbrook, 66, both of Reisterstown.

Thomas Richard Rooney, 54, Anna Marie Martin, 51, both of Westminster.

David Elliott Zihmer, 27, to Kristen Elizabeth Ditman, 28, both of Baltimore.

Brock Allen Rough, 33, to Milana Braslavsky, 31, both of Baltimore.

Tulio David Perez, 21, of New Market, to Fatima Cecilia Gonzalez Guerrero, 19, of Mount Airy.

Trever Alan Tremper, 42, to Patrice Susan Lease, 50, both of Mount Airy.

Robert Terry Beal, 55, of Schellsburg, Pennsylvania, to Cheryl Suzanne Stair, 50, of Westminster.

Sara Jo Hardy, 31, of Baltimore, to Jared Behn Wachterman, 32, of South Burlington, Vermont.

Ann Elizabeth Waters, 57, to Robert Lawrence English, 57, both of Westminster.

Timothy Mark Bindas, 50, to Donna Louise Villalobos, 49, both of Hampstead.

Anthony Russell Peralta, 27, to Kelly Lynne Ashworth, 26, both of Rockville.

Sarah McDowell, 27, Christopher Edward Drylie Jr., 27, both of Westminster.

Yacine Belfakir, 28, to Allison Patricia Kavanagh, 27, both of Finksburg.

Michael Lee Hill, 55, to Kathleen Rebecca White, 39, both of Westminster.

Corey Allen Barber, 35, to Anna Marie Shamer, 29, both of Finksburg.

Matthew Ryan Barrows, 23, to Kathryn Marie Schaeffer, 30, both of Westminster.

Jennifer Brophy, 32, to Tyler Calhoun Canterbury, 24, both of San Antonio, Texas.

Mitchell Allen Rhodes, 35, to Lori Jane Douglass, 20, both of Taneytown.

Robert Charles Gatty, 71, to Jacqueline Theresa Cristiano, 68, both of Sykesville.

Michael Paul Gibson Jr., 44, to Richele Lorraine Jennings, 37, both of Ellicott City.

Krystal Ann Didas, 25, to Trevor Paul Bertrand, 26, both of North Chili, New York.

David Tyler Estabrook, 30, to Amanda Marie Honaker, 23, both of Westminster.

Donald Wayne Talbert Jr., 26, to Stephanie Sue Franklin, 25, both of Aspers, Pennsylvania.

Andre Jerome Gerald Jr., 33, to Nancy Marie Thompson, 29, both of Eldersburg.

John William Chaney, 25, to Nicole Marie Snee, 23, both of Reisterstown.

Robert Lavere Klinedinst III, 34, to Jennifer Elaine Cuffley, 26, both of Hanover, Pennsylvania.

Lucas Brandon Patton, 28, to Alicia Nicole Warren, 24, both of Taneytown.

John Francis Vollmer Jr., 32, to Melinda Virginia Rainey Hirt, 28, both of Catonsville.

Kelly Rene Guerrier, 32, to Maida Julieam Yarwaye, 25, both of Eldersburg.

Holly Ann Frankhouser, 38, to Victor Enrique Mathieu, 37, both of Westminster.

Andrew Joseph Saffran, 23, to Amanda Katelyn Bell, 24, both of Westminster.


Terry Allen Stonesifer, 55, to Judy Lynn Naill, 47, both of Westminster.


Elizabeth Rebecca Ellis, 30, to Rodrigo Venturelli Vargas, 20, both of Baltimore.

Kenneth Jevon Spaulding, 23, to Michelle Lamore Roper, 30, both of Westminster.

Shane Patrick Gallagher, 28, Donna Jean Grau, 24, both of Sykesville.

Larry Lee Trail, 59, to Sharon Elaine Kraushofer, 64, both of Woodbine.

Kristin Elizabeth Thomas, 30, to Renee Lynn Knotts, 36, both of Joppa.

Melvin Wesley Graham Donaldson, 25, to Brittny Ann Tobery, 24, both of Manchester.

Ryan Andrew Nastick, 27, to Courtney Ann Adams, 31, both of Finksburg.

Charles Brandon Green, 24, to Amanda Marie Heard, 25, both of Westminster.

Jordan Crowley, 25, of Gaithersburg, to Bradley Joseph Kellner, 28, of Clarksburg.

Daniel Joseph Alessandrini, 29, to Marisa Meana, 28, both of Arlington, Virginia.

Lucas Micheal Peacher, 17, of Westminster, to Courtney Elizabeth Fogle, 17, of New Windsor.

James Sidney Stranigan, 26, to Whitney Anne Rhodes, 27, both of Pasadena.

James Rothman Jensen, 31, to Leila Rose Scott, 37, both of Columbia.

Trey Michael Pastirik, 20, to Adriana Carolina Rojas, 23, both of Gaithersburg.

Stephen Sabatino, 56, to Deborah Jean Marr, 58, both of Manchester.

Joshua Todd Lambert, 27, to Courtney Louise Bayne, 26, both of Ellicott City.

Christopher Michael Brittain, 35, to Kate Breinne Glover, 34, both of Hampstead.

Eric Samuel Shifflett, 26, to Danielle Christine Lombardi, 27, both of New Windsor.

Ryan Christopher Stromberg, 28, to Diana Rose Caudill, 26, both of Hampstead.

Gregory Louis Eaton, 28, to Kathleen Michele Davis, 29, both of Woodbine.

Richard Eugene Hermann, 26, to Heather Elaine Swartzbaugh, 23, both of Union Bridge.

Chad Aaron Parker, 34, to Cynthia Christine Debonis, 48, both of Perryville.

Jesse Wayne Davis, 31, to Jacqueline Amanda Dilworth, 27, both of Silver Spring.

Christopher Allen Poklemba, 34, to Kristin Carla Hill, 25, both of Finksburg.

Michael David Mason, 28, to Dayna Stacey Mehlman, 31, both of Baltimore.

Michael Jeffrey Shinholt, 23, of Gaithersburg, to Liana Carissa Glass, 21, of Adamstown.

Melinda Anne Ellison, 25, to Eric Charles Alban, 28, both of Westminster.

Michael Gerald Maier, 45, to Jennifer Sue Linker, 51, both of Westminster.

Charles Edwin Leppo, 28, to Angeliki Beverly Stellakis, 26, both of Westminster.

Andrew Lundy Ketterman, 25, to Alisha Marie Ecker, 23, both of Taneytown.

Joseph William Jenkins, 25, of Westminster, to Ashley Elizabeth Gierhart, 27, of Hampstead.

Ronald Scott Purdum, 28, to Lauren Grace Ramey, 25, of Union Bridge.

Garrett Andrew Hill, 24, to Ashley Nicole Shelby, 27, both of Westminster.

Sean Michael Christensen, 29, to Rebecca Ann Barry, 32, both of Eldersburg.

Scott Michael Reginer, 24, to Rebecca Ann Wheeler, 24, both of Monrovia.

Silvia Salazar, 65, to Jesus Edmundo Zafra, 55, both of Westminster.

Emily Nicole Sanchez, 27, to Edward Curtis Pawelski, 36, both of Union Bridge.

Christopher Joseph Kenny 4th, 34, of Alexandria, Virginia, to Carolyn Ryan Brady, 32, of Washington, D.C.

Deborah Jan Gerlach, 50, to Donald Lester Raver, 49, both of Finksburg.

Adam Andrew Walker, 23, of Elkridge, to Julie Elizabeth Apple, 22, of Catonsville.

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