As the Easter Bunny toils away in the fields, filling children's baskets with chocolate and candy treats, the Times has put together a selection of some of the greatest match-ups in candy history. Combine March Madness with the Lenten season in our Easter Eight to determine which sweets come out on top. Go here to vote.

Solid Easter Bunny vs. Hollow Easter Bunny


The chocolate Easter Bunny makes up the centerpiece of the Easter basket, and is often the one non-negotiable piece of candy in the entire package, but which do you prefer? The solid bunny's got a longer history, sold in American stores for about 40 years before the hollow bunnies hit the scene in the 1930s. The solid's got more chocolate per square inch, but it's also tougher to sink your teeth into.

Are you the type of person that likes your chocolate spread out into a larger hollow rabbit, or would you rather bite the head off something compact? Choose or perish.

Reese's Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Egg vs. Cadbury Creme Egg

You can enjoy them with your hands or if you prefer, you can eat your Reese with yer spoon as Hershey's releases these modified peanut butter cups in time for spring each year. With a thinner shell than normal, these are not just repackaged treats that you can find year-round, they're a unique treat for the Easter set.

Quite possibly the richest treat you'll find hiding in the grass in your basket, the Cadbury Creme Egg may not be as iconic as the chocolate Easter Bunny, but it is no less popular. Hidden within the chocolate shell is an interior of fondant filling — yep, that's what titular creme is truly made of — to create one of the sweetest treats of the holiday.

Peeps Marshmallow vs. Russell Stover Marshmallow Egg

A Carroll favorite thanks to the annual PEEPshow, Peeps add a needed splash of color and introduction of other Easter animals that are so often left out of the candy lineup. Be it the classic chick or the rabbits that followed soon after, a Peep is a tasty treat either fresh out of the basket or after enlarged in the microwave like a Godzilla villain.

A little less showy than the Peep is the marshmallow egg, hidden cleverly beneath a shell of chocolate. Perfect for the marshmallow-lover who's not yet ready to announce it to the world and would rather camouflage it with the rest of their chocolate eggs.

Jelly Beans vs. Hershey's Eggs

The trail mix of the Easter basket, jelly beans provide a spark of tangy flavor to a largely chocolate-based platter. You can get jelly beans in just about every flavor — including earwax and vomit for the prank-loving fiends out there in Candy Land — and they're an essential component to the total tableau of the Easter basket.

Like M&Ms but wish they were jumbo-sized? Why not dig into a package of Hershey's candy-coated eggs. These sweet treats couple Hershey's famous milk chocolate with a satisfying candy crunch. These treats capture the tactile experience of biting into a real egg, shell and all, better than just about anything else on the market.