Union Bridge: One of Carroll's earliest settlements along Little Pipe Creek

Union Bridge: One of Carroll's earliest settlements along Little Pipe Creek
UNION BRIDGE, MD -- 6/19/08 -- RE INSIDER FOX -- Buttersburg Inn. Union Bridge insider feature. Lloyd Fox [Sun Photographer] #2483 (Lloyd Fox / Carroll County Times)

The beginnings of Union Bridge, known for years as Buttersburg, date back to 1731. It is one of the earliest settlements in Carroll County.

In 1731, John Tredane purchased the 200 acres of land in the area that we know today as Union Bridge. Later, Quakers from Pennsylvania, the Farquhars, established the town.


The Old Pipe Creek Friends Meeting House was built in 1772 at the edge of town. President Herbert Hoover visited it when he came to Carroll County with his family on May 25, 1929.

World-renowned sculptor William Henry Rinehart was born in Union Bridge in 1825. He spent most of his working career in Italy. Rinehart was one of several nineteenth-century Carroll countians who achieved fame beyond our region.

In May 1862, the first passenger trains came to Union Bridge. The Union Bridge Volunteer Fire Company was formally organized on March 10, 1887, with 30 volunteers, just 15 years after the town government was formed on May 2, 1872.

The Postal Service renamed the town Union Bridge to commemorate the unity between the north and south sides of the community after a bridge was built over Little Pipe Creek.

In the early 1900s, Union Bridge was a center of commerce, education and industry due to the location of the railroad and one of the several colleges in Carroll County, Maryland Collegiate Institute — later called Blue Ridge College. Lehigh Cement is the leading industry in Union Bridge. It began as the Tidewater Portland Cement Company in September 1909.

Today, under the longstanding leadership of Mayor Perry Jones, Union Bridge continues to have an out-sized artistic and cultural impact on Carroll County, all the while maintaining its quintessential small-town appeal, making it a great place to raise a family.

— Kevin Dayhoff

Mayor and Town Council

Elected by voters to 4-year terms (May)

Perry L. Jones Jr. Mayor, 2019

Donald D. Wilson, President, 2019

Edgar C. Wentz, 2019

Laura Conaway, 2021

Lou Ellen Cutsail, 2021

Amy Kristine Kalin, 2021


The mayor and Town Council meet at 7 p.m. the fourth Monday of every month.

Town Hall

104 W. Locust St., Union Bridge, MD 21791