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'Christian hegemony' is discussion topic

When The Faith Club of Carroll County meets at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 4, discussion will focus on "Living in the Shadow of the Cross: Understanding and Resisting the Power and Privilege of Christian Hegemony," a book by Paul Kivel.

Nan Nelson, of The Faith Club, will lead the discussion, which will take place at the Finksburg branch of the Carroll County Public Library.


Kivel is the award-winning author of "Uprooting Racism" and director of the Christian Hegemony Project. He is a social justice activist and educator who has focused on the issues of violence prevention, oppression and social justice for more than 45 years.

According the Rev. Gerald Fuss, convener of The Faith Club, "In a telephone conversation with the author, he stressed that he is not anti-religion or anti-Christian but very concerned with how some interpretations of some specific Christian doctrines, teachings and beliefs have grown to be a dominant force of influence in our society that has been so long and deep that it has become for many of us 'just the way things are.' He noted that Christian beliefs have historically and presently been used to justify 'war against evil, war against the earth and environment, and war against women and minorities.' As for goals on conversations about Christian hegemony, he noted the need that we sensitize ourselves to the ways these forces have operated and continue to operate and impact the daily lives of many people and work for positive change."


To learn more about Kivel's book, the meaning of "Christian hegemony" and the issues that are related as it gets played out in societal life in the United States in particular, visit

Kivel, who lives and works in California, said those interested in contacting him are welcome to do so at or

The Faith Club discussions are open to all who are interested.

The Carroll County InterFaith Council sponsors The Faith Club of Carroll County in cooperation with Carroll County Public Library.

The Finksburg branch library is at 2265 Old Westminster Pike, Finksburg. Call there at 410-386-4505 for more information.