The 10th Annual PEEPshow ran from April 7 to 19 at the Carroll Arts Center. Take a look at this year's displays and our coverage of past years' PEEPshows.

The 10th Annual PEEPshow runs from Friday April 7 to Wednesday April 19 at the Carroll Arts Center. Take a look at this year's displays and our coverage of past years' PEEPshows.

PEEPshow 2017 winners

Size mattered as the largest sculpture, "Mother of (Peeps) Dragons," took home the grand prize at the 10th annual PEEPshow at the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster. Check out the winners in a variety of categories.

Creator wins big at 10th annual PEEPshow

Size mattered as the largest sculpture, "Mother of (Peeps) Dragons," took home the grand prize at the 10th annual PEEPshow at the Carroll Arts Center in

PEEPshow 2017 entries

Carroll County Arts Council 2017 PEEPshow - A Display of Marshmallow Masterpieces! Featuring more than 150 sculptures, dioramas, graphic arts, oversized characters and mosaics created and inspired by Peeps®!

PEEPshow brings families together

The PEEPshow is a fundraiser for the Carroll County Arts Council and visitors' votes will select the Grand Prize Winner and Audience Favorites. As of Sunday afternoon, the show had attracted 19,000 visitors.

PEEPshow on Easter

PEEPshow on Easter at the Carroll County Arts Council

PEEParing for the 10th annual PEEPshow

As opening day for the PEEPshow rapidly approaches, organizers, volunteers and employees are working frantically to prepare.

Celebrating 10 years of the PEEPshow

With a decade, hundreds of entries and thousands of Peeps marshmallows under its belt, the Carroll County Ar

PEEPshow winners announced at Carroll Arts Center

The winners of the 9th annual PEEPshow were announced at an award ceremony Wednesday evening at the Carroll Arts Center

Peeps officials visit annual PEEPshow

Monday, members of Just Born., Incorporated, the makers of Peeps marshmallows and other treats, gathered in their PEEPSMOBILE to make the trip from their home in Bethlehem to the Carroll Arts Center to visit their annual PEEPshow and see what's been done to their sugary products.

A look at Peep culture, petite treat with big appeal

There's no better way to tell what's hot in Carroll County than by checking out the ninth annual PEEPshow held this week at the Carroll Arts Center.

Photos: Ninth-annual PEEPshow

Marshmallow creations of every description are on display as the Carroll County Arts Council presents their ninth-annual PEEPshow in Westminster.

Editorial: Gov. Hogan should visit Carroll PEEPs

The ninth annual PEEPshow at the Carroll Arts Center opens today, and over the course of the next two weeks, thousands of visitors will come to Westminster to see these carefully crafted confection creations. We'd like to invite Gov. Larry Hogan to be among them.

PEEPshow through the years

The 10th Annual PEEPshow at the Carroll Arts Center opens Friday April 7, 2017 and runs from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Wednesday, April 19.

Carroll residents create first Peep sculptures

Over the past nine years, the Carroll Arts Center's annual PEEPshow has become a cultural institution, as Carroll residents stock up on the marshmallow treats to create unique and formerly edible pieces of art.

Peep sculptor gives tips in advance of annual PEEPshow

As registration opens for artists to submit their Peep creations, the Arts Center held a seminar Thursday for creatives to trade tips and discuss artistic methods.

PEEPshow becomes Easter tradition

Carroll County Arts Council's 8th Annual PEEPshow becomes an Easter tradition for many families.

Carroll County Arts Council announces PEEPshow winners

The Carroll County Arts Council has announced the winners of the 8

Carroll Arts Center director Sandy Oxx gets Peep tattoo on her wrist for PEEPshow

After raising more than $50,000 for the Carroll Arts Center, director Sandy Oxx tattoos a Peep on her wrist.

Sandy Oxx makes good on wager, gets Peep tattoo

In celebration of the record-breaking funds raised in this year's PEEPshow, Sandy Oxx, director of the Carroll County Arts Council, put her wrist under the tattoo needle for a permanent Peep memento.

2015 PEEP Show [Pictures]

Images from the 2015 8th Annual Peep Show at the Carroll Arts Center

PEEPle's Choice [pictures]

More than 27,000 visitors delighted in voting for their favorite marshmallow masterpiece in the Carroll County Arts Council's 8th annual PEEPshow, featuring the Easter confections from the Just Born Co. A total of 158 entries were submitted this year with more than 33,687 PEEPS used to create the works of art which ranged from sculptures to mosaics to dioramas to films, according to a news release from the Arts Council. Thousands of votes were cast helping to gross more than $65,000 for the Arts Council. Here are the seven finalists and the grand prize winner as voted on by the PEEP, er... people.

Sneak PEEP: A look at this year's PEEPshow entries

PEEPshow follows record-breaking year

Volunteering at the PEEPshow a family affair on Easter Sunday

Peep contests inspire film