Taylor: Facing our giants and gaining the victory

As I have written in the past, I believe we are living in a new era. Webster’s dictionary defines era as “a period of time marked by distinctive character, events, etc.”

You would have to be living in a cave to not know that the times we are living in are marked by distinctive events. No longer are storms just big storms they are almost always breaking records. Everything today in this new era seems to be record breaking. We consistently hear in the media statements like “this has never happened before,” or “this will set a new precedent for many years to come.” It would seem that all is changing.


Some change at times is good and is expected. However, the kinds of change and rapid pace this world is in can lead to much fear and frustration. The Bible says, however, that we are not to live in fear but overcome fear with love from the power of God.

God in our day is dealing with the nations. There is much upheaval in the world. God wants us to have peace. He wants us to love others with the love of Christ. How do we do this in this crazy ever-changing world? One thing is clear, we must be prepared to fight the battles.

Our real battle is not with flesh and blood but evil spirits that roam the Earth. It is the classic battle of good over evil. When we really break it down, we will find that most of the battles we are in are with ourselves. God is wanting us free from the things that keep us bound. It may at times be others, but many of our wars are internal.

So how do we get free and how do we fight our giants? There is a story in the Bible concerning King David and his battle with a giant. To make a long story short David does defeat Goliath. You can read the whole story for yourself if you read 1 Samuel chapter 17. There are three main keys to David’s victory that I believe can help us all in our fight. Remember our giant may not be people but health issues, financial issues, family stress, work issues, etc. All of us at one time or another will face a giant. For some, you may be facing many giants. A giant is that thing that stands in our way from being totally free to live and love others.

Key number one is that David was trained and prepared beforehand to face his giant. Long before his battle with Goliath he was in the wilderness being made ready. Don’t waste your down time or desert years. God loves to prepare us for our future during wilderness times.

Key number two is that King Saul wanted David to fight Goliath wearing Saul’s armor. David said it would not work for him. Lesson number two is do what works for you in your battle. Sometimes the most well-meaning people can be your biggest hindrance to victory.

The third and last key is that David used the weapon he was trained in to fight with. The lesson here is use what God gives you to fight with.

Above all fight the good fight of faith never give up. God wants us free in 2019 to live and love. I pray we all can by God’s grace and mercy defeat our giants starting in this new year.