Dize: What if we developed a different perspective?

The word “perspective” is defined as a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. Webster also tells us that “most guidebook history is written from the editor's perspective.”

I've learned to investigate the author before I read a book. Their life lived may not justify what they wrote. I also like that an example is given on how to use the word — “Her perspective on things had changed” — and synonyms (attitude, interpretation) so that we comprehend how to use the word.


So how do we accumulate our perspective? From all the information we accumulated from Day One. That's great because we need information for our survival. But then, we need to be open-minded and understand what we learned through the eyes of a 6-year-old, needs to be reexamined later in life.

Our parents’ actions may not be clear, until we become parents. Or, go through a disability to comprehend what it must be like to be disabled.

I believe the Bible needs to be read at different intervals as you age throughout your lifetime. Only then, with added experience, can you begin to see the intended truth. What about learning how your religion developed? And, what are the beliefs of other religions?

The last time I bought a car, I got a new perspective from the salesperson who said, “Not only do I have to know everything about this make of car, but I have to know everything about my competition too.” Are we judgmental about different beliefs? Or do we know that practically nothing we believe today is the same as what we did believe. The world has changed and so have we. We are all coming along at our own pace. Compassion needs to be held for all beliefs. Doesn't the Bible state for us to love our neighbor?

We are all the same; we all want love. What we all need to do is to give love. Give what we want. See the love in the other that God sees. Is that difficult? Yes, it is difficult because our immediate human reaction when attack is to retaliate and attack them. What if we developed a different perspective? What if we looked beyond the immediate offense?

A Course in Miracles says a miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love. What if we considered forgiveness? Yes, consider forgiveness. There is no harm unless we are being threatened bodily or materially. Those who are harmful need correction and also forgiveness.

This current political turmoil is dumbfounding. We do not have our heads on straight. World progress has almost halted because of our perception and perspective. We are watching our world go up in smoke while we fight to see who can obtain the largest bank account. Both political parties are guilty. Both are lacking in intellectual acuity. It's a stance no one can win. Praying for our political leaders is the Bible's directive. By hating each other we are spreading dis ease: mentally, physically and emotionally.

Hating is not helping. Let's be kind not contemptible. Let's be empathetic not unsympathetic. Let's be honorable toward each other not unscrupulous. The unscrupulous politicos would be happy to sell … their country in order to gain power at the cost of our destruction. People are people. PLEASE forget political parties. Basically, I don't see a difference in the parties. Both are selfish at the cost of its people-us.

Recently, I read a story that demonstrates a change in perspective. A mom took her son to the grocery store against his will. He wanted to continue playing his new game just acquired. He was mad. On the street he saw a disheveled, unkempt man, wildly yelling at the cosmos. He asked about the man. His mom explained he was homeless, mentally ill, with no family, no one to help or call. The son, with tears in his eyes, stopped complaining and prayed to God to please help that man. The mom pointed out: “As a society, we are supposed to do that.”