Dize: One solution to all our problems: Trust, believe, have faith in God | COMMENTARY

“Help, Lord! Save us! For godly ones are swiftly disappearing.

Where are the dependable, principled ones?


They’re a vanishing breed!

Everyone lies, everyone flatters, and everyone deceives.


Nothing but empty talk, smooth talk, and double-talk.

Where are the truthful?”

After reading the above, you may think the words are a description of today’s society, yet these words came from the Bible, Psalm 12:1, 2. They are a song of smiting, sung for the new day by King David written at the end of his life 1015 B.C.

Psalm 12 stirs up our emotions, our frustrations with dishonest people. We can even feel anger, thinking people are rotten, no good, liars. 

And then, our souls are calmed at the end of the Psalm 12:7,8 with these words:

“Lord, you will keep us forever safe,

out of the reach of the wicked.                                                                     

Even though they strut and prowl,

tolerating and celebrating what is worthless and vile,

you will still lift up those who are yours!”

There may be many problems in our world we live in but there is always, only one solution: Trust, belief, having faith in our Lord, remembering we are in this world, but not of this world.

Got a flat tire, washing machine broke, got COVID-19, no matter what the problem, our Lord is always the answer. We are pure energy that no one will ever comprehend. We are connected to God. 


Those who doubt their connection, have no connection. They are disconnected people, with worldly ideas and thoughts, forever attempting to solve their problems with worldly tools and methods. 

The best way to describe how to get connected is to picture air waves on a radio.  When the energy matches, then you are connected, tuned into God. Matching is tuning into God by being godlike, getting on the same wavelength as God. When we do that, all goes well in our lives.

Basically, our main problem is that people forget who they really are. They are the sons and daughters of one on high, Yahweh, Elohim, El Shaddai, Adoni, Jehovah, God. With God, you can move mountains. Without God, you can do nothing.

There are powerful people in the news. How do you know if they are on the same wavelength as God. Think of some basic questions: Is what they are doing helping all people? Are they causing more harm than good? Do their actions uplift the population or are their actions destroying our world. Keep it simple: helpful vs. harmful; good vs. bad; positive emotions vs. negative emotions; goodness vs. evil.

There is a worldly saying that is helpful in determining the true reason for someone’s actions and that is “follow the money.” Is their intent to pad their own bank account? Don’t be fooled. Most hide behind a seemingly good cause, however, their real intentions are to selfishly help themselves.  Some will lose their jobs, if all goes well. Their jobs depend on causing separation, dissension and discord. Harmony, unity, peace, agreement will eradicate their fat sources of income.

Don’t be confused or dismayed,today’s news is the same news written about 1015 B.C. What has changed are new faces, new statues, and new buildings but the deceivers, liars have not changed. And, our Lord will still lift us up, when we tune in, believe and “In God We Trust.”

The Rev. Ellin M. Dize is executive director of nonprofit NRS Inc. and facilitates A Course in Miracles spiritual discussion group at St. Paul’s UCC. She can be contacted at NRSsolutions@yahoo.com.

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