Dize: Have the after Easter blahs? Remember, it’s all about God | RELIGION COMMENTARY

Do you have the “after Easter blahs”?

It’s something like the “after Christmas blahs”!


After Christmas, the seed companies send out their catalogs to tantalize you into thinking about spring and all the seeds you can plant that will miraculously grow into gorgeous, flower-laden plants, and nutritious pod, and leaf vegetables.

Stuck in the house via freezing, icy weather, magazine companies entice you with articles about how you can become wealthy, and tell you how to get thin in one week.


A worldly Easter can also create the blahs.

Lent begins the process. In the next 40 days, instead of buying Christmas gifts, we buy Easter outfits and goodies to fill children’s Easter baskets.

Then the guessing game starts.

Are the parents cooking this year or will the younger generation take over the preparations?


What to cook?  Last year the family said they were tired of ham.

Should we have roasted lamb like Emeril prepared on TV?

Or maybe we should have a quick and easy Easter brunch as Rachael Ray suggested so that we can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with the family and friends?

What will we talk about? Politics are out! COVID-19 is out!

Conversation is always a problem since the best dinner party can be spoiled as a guest tells in detail about the ghastly accident they saw on the way to grandma’s house or how awful their last operation was at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

But, by and by, the Easter egg hunt fades from our memory.

The crammed Easter baskets have been distributed. The dinner is behind us and the house is unkempt. We feel something is missing and we get the blahs!

So, let’s replace the worldly process and take on the holy meaning of Easter.

Let’s begin with Ash Wednesday when the pastor puts the sign of a cross on your forehead to symbolize that you belong to Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for you.

Let’s spend the next 40 days in prayer, repentance, and thankfulness for all that Jesus did and does for us on a daily basis.

The Resurrection is just as special today as the day it happened.

Jonathan Emerson-Pierce says,

“Jesus wept with those He loved, and He still does.

Jesus raised people up, and He still does.

Jesus included others in the healing process, and He still does.”

Let Easter transform you.

It’s not about your performance, it’s about your being transformed.”

As John Bishop said,

“God’s main purpose is not to get us somewhere--

but to make something of us

on the way….

Remember that God is seeking

to develop your soul by your experiences….

It’s not getting somewhere

or finding something on which

we have set our hearts that matters:

It’s what we become on the way that counts.”

Easter blahs are worldly, not holy. The blahs are saying, “What about me? Easter is saying it’s all about God!”

Rev. Ellin M. Dize, pastor, is a Health Minister, Life Coach and a Pastoral Counselor.  She can be reached at NRSsolutions@yahoo.com.