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An Eye for Art: Finksburg’s Walz paints on practically anything in boho style

Stephanie Walz is a local artist living in Finksburg. When Walz was in elementary school, her grandmother taught her to paint by using painting techniques she found in books. She painted canvases and boxes.

Walz has always been interested in art. In high school, she had to choose between art and band and at that time picked music. When she graduated from college, she became a special education teacher. When she decided to leave that position, Walz began to pursue an artistic career.


At first, Walz painted wine bottles, which she calls upcycled art, and sold the pieces on Facebook. Since she started painting the bottles around Christmastime, she has done many holiday-themed bottles. Walz also took commissions.

At times, Waltz said, she painted on cardboard because she did not have the money to paint on anything else. Walz even cut up a wooden bed frame and painted on the pieces of wood. She began an online community and asked for people to let her paint their furniture for free to build her portfolio. She whitewashed bed frames. She painted on a table for a customer.


Using oil paint on cardboard and boxes, Walz focused on landscapes and people for subjects.

Walz expanded her items to paint to include dining room sets and chairs. She also did boho — or bohemian style that highlights natural elements — painted items, which she describes as artistic, colorful, vibrant style with blending.

Walz has also painted murals, including a Maryland flag on a wall in a pub. She did one mural for Hair by Samsara in Sykesville. For that mural, Walz used an alcohol ink mural.

“It is an avant garde type of painting,” Walz said. “You use an isotropic ink to make a wavy design.”

Walz also painted a wall for a Lion’s Club featuring Jimmy Buffet lyrics. They included “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere” and other songs.

Two years ago, Walz started painting cabinets. She does distressing, glazing and farmhouse-style painting on them. White or green washes are used for a farmhouse look.


“Glazing means when you do a top coat over the wood and wipe it away, and the paint is left in the crevices,” Walz said.

Walz is excited to be working on a boho kitchen, blending green, blue and gold for the cabinets.

Her latest endeavor is to paint kitchen counters. The artistic ones are done with epoxy. According to Walz, epoxy put on countertops has the same hardness as stone. She uses mica powder for the designs.

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“I can make anything I want with it,” she said. “I made a strawberry marble design. It looks like marble except it is pink and gold in different hues. It is difficult to make a living with art. This is going to be fun for me to do.”

She also has a subcontractor that installs new kitchen counters for her.

“Art is therapeutic,” Walz said. “I like working with my hands. Arts and crafts have always been hobbies.”


She is working on a new website.

“I love being a small business owner,” Walz said. “My overall goal is to free up more of my time so I can do other things in my life.”

She can be contacted at 732-309-7388 and Eppita on Facebook. Eppita is her nickname. Her email is

Lyndi McNulty is the owner of Gizmo’s Art in Westminster. Her column, An Eye for Art, appears regularly in Life & Times.