Health Dept.: Tips to work on that healthy smile during National Children's Dental Health Month

The Carroll County Health Department’s Oral Health Program, with its partners the Maryland Department of Health, Office of Oral Health and the American Dental Association is proud to announce February as National Children’s Dental Health Month. This year’s focus is, “Brush and Clean in Between to Build a Healthy Smile.” The emphasis of the campaign is to promote brushing and flossing between teeth at least twice a day.

The Carroll County Health Department along with the Carroll County Public Schools also sponsor a fluoride rinse program called “Swish and Smile” in all county elementary schools and middle schools that are not serviced by municipal water that is fluoridated at no cost to the students or their families.


In addition to recommending positive oral hygiene habits and the use of fluoride, the Carroll County Health Department Oral Health Program works with our community in a variety of other ways to promote good oral health.

For example, our dental clinic is seeing children under the age of 18 and appointments are available for those who qualify with Maryland Healthy Smiles insurance.

Dental disease can be transmitted from family members to children, so it is important for mothers to maintain their oral health to aid in prevention of dental decay in their children.

Young children that don’t even have teeth yet need to have their mouths cleaned on a daily basis and those who have even one tooth should see the dentist for an evaluation and discussion regarding diet and oral cleaning routines.

We are now seeing pregnant women with Maryland Healthy Smiles insurance. Dental decay is a problem during pregnancy and good oral health care helps the mother have a healthier pregnancy and healthier baby.

Adults with financial limitations are not left out of our programs. We have a program called “Dental Access” in which a person who falls below the 185% of the Federal Poverty level, has no dental insurance and lives in Carroll County can qualify for a 35 percent discount at their local dentist.

The Health Department is available to assist with the referral of those who are currently using tobacco products and wish to quit.

There are many online resources available for families to learn more about dental health. Adults and children can visit the Maryland Office of Oral Health website at for downloadable information, activity sheets, brochures, resources and interactive games Other helpful resources are found at from the American Dental Association and from the Maryland Dental Action Coalition.

For further information about any of our Health Department programs or for a clinic appointment please call us at 410-876-4918.