Health Dept.: Spring into the New Year with the eight dimensions of wellness

Make 2020 your healthiest year yet! The Carroll County Health Department and The Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County, Inc. challenge you to spend some time focusing on each of the eight dimensions of wellness this New Year.

1. Physical Wellness. Recognize the need for daily activity, good nutrition, and adequate sleep. Some ways that you can focus on your physical health could be by getting at least 150 minutes of activity each week (recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), eating more healthful foods and overeating less often, and focusing on how your body feels overall and tending to it accordingly.


2. Emotional Wellness. Focus on coping skills and nourishing relationships. You can enhance your emotional wellness by doing the things you enjoy doing, like: investing your time in your hobby, listening to music, playing with your pet, or watching your favorite movie or TV show.

3. Environmental Wellness. Create an environment that supports growth and well-being. You can manage your environment by organizing, cleaning, or by placing yourself in an environment that better suites your health.

4. Spiritual Wellness. Spend time thinking about your life’s purpose. Pay attention to your own personal values and doing things to support that view, like volunteering, or do some self-reflection or meditation to focus.

5. Social Wellness. Strengthen or create a support system and expand your sense of belonging. Social wellness can look like joining a group or club, planning lunches or get-togethers with friends or loved ones, using good communication skills, and setting boundaries for yourself.

6. Financial Wellness. Plan and work towards financial satisfaction. You can create a household budget, start a savings account, avoid credit card debt or create a plan to get out of debt, and cut back on unnecessary expenses to foster this dimension of wellness.

7. Intellectual Wellness. Find ways to expand your skills and foster creative abilities. To boost your intellectual wellness, try reading, solving puzzles, or learning something new.

8. Occupational Wellness. Find personal gratification and enrichment from your work. Work that fits your personal values, goals, skills, and interests can help you achieve occupational wellness.

Focusing on each dimension of health will increase your overall health and help you build healthier habits as you continue on through the New Year.

For more information please contact Rachel Tabler at the Carroll County Health Department at 410-876-4885 or visit The Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County’s website: https://healthycarroll.org/.

Rachel Tabler is a community health educator with the Carroll County Health Department.