Designers take their turn as Tech Center students collaborate for fashion fun

The Carroll County Career and Technology Center went from school zone to sass-filled fashion show Friday night.

The Textiles and Fashion Design program, which has been putting on a fashion show for a number of years, spent the evening modeling student-created pieces in the school-turned-walkway. The show featured 14 senior designers from the program who showcased their individual 18-piece collections.


Students walked up and down the light-lined runway, pausing to pose, smile or toss a hand on their hip as the crowd of family and friends cheered.

They modeled 17 styles, from Egyptian to historical to businesswear to clothing made from recycled items like bottle caps, CDs or crushed soda cans.

For Maggie Bair, a senior in the fashion program, the night was "surreal."

Bair, 17, said the Textiles and Fashion Program has taught her everything from designing and making clothes to how to handle herself in the industry and be confident.

Getting to have her clothes modeled on stage was the best part of the night, she added, even though having to be the one modeling down the walkway was "nerve-racking."

"It's so fulfilling," Bair said.

And while the night is about the students in the Textiles and Fashion Program, it truly is a group effort, school Principal William Eckles said. Students from not only the fashion program, but also those in cosmetology, culinary arts, video production, print production and carpentry help.

Cosmetology students helped with hair and makeup, culinary students prepared snacks for those attending and carpentry worked to set the runway and surrounding decorations up.

"They all work together," Eckles said.

That's the joy of having all of the programs under one roof, he added.

"It has to be a collaborative effort," he said.

Denise Bitzen, a teacher in the cosmetology program, agreed the event brings all the students together. For her students, they use the event as a learning example, she said.

The cosmetology students helping with hair, nails and makeup gain experience in the field of fashion, Bitzen said.

Mady Zbignewich, a senior in the cosmetology program, was one of the students helping the fashion kids with their look. She got to do hair from the '60s, she said.


"It was a lot of fun seeing all the outfits," Zbignewich added.

Bair said this program has really taught her a lot. When they first started, she said, a lot of the kids in class couldn't even use a sewing machine. And now, she added, they're creating their own clothes.

Fashion has been an obsession of hers for as long as she can remember, Bair said. She's not quite sure where she'll be once the year ends, but she knows fashion is her passion.

"I do not see myself being anywhere else but in this industry," she added.