Kittie DeLuca Pai
Kittie DeLuca Pai

McDaniel College's new director of graduate enrollment management is no stranger to the school.

Originally from Lowell, Massachusetts, Kittie DeLuca Pain attended McDaniel as an undergraduate.


"I fell in love with the campus upon my first visit and knew that it was the place for me," DeLuca Pain said via email.

She majored in English and graduated in 2000, and was involved in a group mentoring students at a local school. After graduation, she moved to New Jersey where her first job was as an administrative assistant at the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies at Drew University. While there, she earned her master's degree.

DeLuca Pain moved from New Jersey to the Philadelphia area to work at Neumann University as the associate director of graduate and adult programs, before returning.

The Times caught up with DeLuca Pain to talk to her about her new position at McDaniel.

Q. What position did you just accept? What will it entail?

A. I serve as the Director of Graduate Enrollment Management at McDaniel. I work closely with the various coordinators in Graduate and Professional Studies to learn the ins and outs of their programs so that I can best promote them to the community. I also work with the college's admissions and marketing offices. Beyond that, my role is to make sure that those who enroll in a Graduate and Professional Studies program are pleased with their time with us and earn a degree that will propel them in their profession. It's a fine balance, one that I look forward to each day as no two days are the same.

Q: Why did you want this position? Why are you passionate about McDaniel's graduate and professional studies program?

A: I was excited to return to the Hill because of the small nature of the college, which I found beneficial as a student here, as well as the ability to grow the graduate division. Many people who are familiar with McDaniel may not realize that we have thriving graduate programs. I want to take our graduate division out of hiding and promote the strength of these programs, particularly in preparing teachers throughout Maryland. We also offer social and human service graduate programs educating counselors, human resources professionals, and those with roles in organizations serving the disabled or the elderly.

Q: What do you think McDaniel's graduate and professional studies program does well? Why should people come to McDaniel to pursue higher education?

A: Our graduate programs are available in a variety of flexible formats. Not only can graduate students take classes on campus at McDaniel, but we also have many students who are enrolled outside of Carroll County either as part of a cohort or at one of our off-campus meeting sites throughout the state. We also have master's degree programs that are available 100 percent online, as well as certificates in romance writing, writing for children and young adults, gerontology and learning technologies specialist. If there is a want, we try to meet it.

Q: What are your biggest goals in this new position?

A: My goal is to see our more than 25 graduate programs flourish. I would like for people to think about not only our undergraduate offerings, but also our graduate programs when they hear the words McDaniel College.

Q: What prior experience do you have that you think you can bring to this position?

A: For the past 16 years, I have worked exclusively in graduate enrollment management and have been heavily involved with our professional organization, [the National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals]. Combined with having experience in traditional and non-traditional programs, in a variety of regions and a variety of budgets, I believe that I can think creatively while having a good connection to what others are doing in the industry. I love to learn and can only continue to grow in my profession by continuing to learn new trends and pay attention to the needs of those pursuing a graduate degree.