FSK twins, new graduates, set out on different yet 'exciting' paths

Andrew Fonseca plans to attend St. Mary's College of Maryland where he will major in biology or chemistry. Joshua Fonseca plans to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point where he will major in systems engineering.

Teachers say Andrew and Joshua Fonseca are model students who will achieve their dreams.

The Fonseca twins, 17, were among the 271 students who graduated from Francis Scott Key High School on Saturday. Andrew and Joshua Fonseca, of Taneytown, were co-captains of the school's lacrosse team and both intend to play in college but will go to different schools.


Andrew and Joshua Fonseca, who are fraternal twins, expressed their excitement for their new but separate chapters.

"Honestly, it's a relief because we've been side by side for 18 years," Joshua Fonseca said. "We're starting a new chapter in our lives. It's an exciting time."

Fonseca said he plans to attend the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, where he will major in systems engineering.

Andrew Fonseca said he plans to attend St. Mary's College of Maryland, where he will major in biology or chemistry.

"I'm looking forward to the academic rigor of college," Fonseca said. "There will be an empty space, but I know Josh will do great things. Whatever he does in life I'll be happy to see."

The twins' mother, Amy Gromada, said she couldn't be more proud of her sons.

"Every parent wants their kids to reach their dreams. They wanted to be valedictorians and they made it happen," Gromada said. "They both have big aspirations about their future and are headed in that direction."

The twins' father, Matt Fonseca, said his sons have made everything happen on their own.

"Josh going to West Point has been his dream since he was a little kid. Andrew has always wanted to go to medical school and play lacrosse. I think he found the right school in St. Mary's," Fonseca said. "They're going to two completely different environments, but their choices definitely fit their personalities."

Andrew Fonseca said he really enjoys science and math, and both played a role in his decision to major in biology or chemistry.

"I like formulas because they're definite. You know you it's going to be a yes or no. I find I try to look for concrete answers in life," Fonseca said.

Joshua Fonseca said he loved taking calculus and that played a role in his decision to pursue systems engineering.

"You can see where all previous maths come together and apply to the real world," Fonseca said. "At West Point, I want to learn to create systems that function on their own. They do a lot with drones and sensors."

"From the moment I met Josh and Andrew in the summer before their freshman year, I have been impressed with them. They are model students in the classroom," FSK social studies teacher Ryan Kimble said. "They are hard-working, dedicated to learning and a lot of fun to be around. I was lucky enough to have both young men twice, and I can honestly tell you that they have given their all in everything they have done at FSK.


"There is no doubt that this place is better for having had them go through our school."

FSK arts teacher Mickey Brilhart, who is also FSK's Class of 2016 adviser, said Andrew and Joshua have both served on the Class of 2016's executive board for four years.

"They both are fantastic kids. It brings tears to my eyes knowing that I won't get to see them every day next year," Brilhart said. "They are so polite: They will do anything for you, and they always do the right thing."

Brilhart said both students excel as leaders.

"They set goals and master each one. I always joke with them that they shouldn't forget us when they're famous. I wish them both all the success in the world," Brilhart said. "They will continue to work hard in college and make Carroll County proud. I'm excited to see what happens next."

The twins agreed they will miss the feeling of community at FSK.

"The teachers genuinely want to help you out and see you succeed," Andrew Fonseca said.

"We've had the opportunity to pursue many different activities," Joshua Fonseca added. "I wouldn't choose to go anywhere else in the county because of the support system."

Francis Scott Key High School Class of 2016:

Number of graduating seniors: 271

• 70 percent plan to continue their education.

• 23 percent plan to enter the workforce.

• .04 percent plan to enlist in the military.