Carroll County Public Schools is contemplating the closure of up to five schools and countywide redistricting as part of a solution to lost of state funding to the school system, the result of declining student enrollment. CCPS Superintendent Stephen Guthrie will make a recommendation to the Board of Education on Wednesday, Nov. 11.

Circuit Court judge affirms closure of three Carroll schools, likely ending ongoing legal battle

Circuit Court affirmed CCPS's decision to close three schools at the end of the 2015-2016 school year.

Commissioners vote to move CCPS, sheriff to former North Carroll High

The commissioners set aside money in FY18 for the move.

Board of Education pushes back on possible North Carroll move

The future of the former North Carroll High School building again was a topic of discussion this week, this time during a Carroll County Public Schools Board of Education meeting. The Board of County Commissioners didn't vote on what to do with North Carroll, though the discussion indicated a vote was possible on its fate on Thursday.

Commissioners vote to demolish Charles Carroll, spend $3.5 million on new structure

A decision has been made regarding the former Charles Carroll Elementary School building.

After months of deliberation and more discussion Tuesday afte

Proposed idea could moved CCPS, sheriff's office to North Carroll building

The former North Carroll High School building could house multiple different organizations in coming years.

Economic Development Commission discusses fate of Charles Carroll and North Carroll buildings

The Economic Development Commission met Thursday morning to discuss new development in Carroll County and what to do with the buildings that formerly housed Charles Carroll Elementary School and North Carroll High School.

Carroll school board sets timeline to discuss more closures, redistricting

Carroll County Board of Education members spent an hour and a half Wednesday diving back into the school closure and redistricting process, setting a loose t

Commissioners talk future plans for North Carroll, Charles Carroll school buildings

With the deeds to both North Carroll High School and Charles Carroll Elementary School in the hands of the county, discussion over the buildings' futures marches forward.

Board of Education signs over deeds for North Carroll, Charles Carroll properties

The deeds for two now-closed Carroll County schools were officially signed over to the county at a Board of Education meeting.

Appellants head to Circuit Court in school closure case

Community members fighting to reopen three Carroll County schools will be back in court this week.

Tensions rise as Combined Education Committee deadline approaches

The Combined Education Committee may be looking more meetings than originally planned, despite being months into the process of looking at solving funding problems the school system faces in years to come.

Editorial: Time for education committee to act

Tell us if you've heard this one before: The Combined Education Committee met, heard some presentations, paid some lip service to figuring out how to close the gap between what county government says it can afford and what the public school system said it needs, then scheduled another meeting to hear more presentations seemingly without getting any closer to putting together a list of recommendations.

Editorial: No miracles coming on school funding

The self-imposed end of October deadline is rapidly approaching for Carroll's Combined Education Committee to start offering advice to county government and the school system, and its members don't seem to be any closer to solving the problem than when the committee was formed.

CCPS not likely to be affected by any state education formula change, committee told

Any change to the state funding formula very likely won't help Carroll County, a state representative told committee members.

Carter: Strong leaders needed to make tough decisions on schools funding

After two months of gathering information, it's time for the committee to start exploring courses of action.

Editorial: Fund closed school amenities for communities

We hope one-time costs and shortfalls will be covered, allowing these buildings to continue serving their respective communities.

Maintaining empty school buildings expected to come with big cost

The cost of maintaining the county's closed school buildings may far exceed what the county has budgeted for doing so.

Education committee looks at special programs, prepares to have 'tough conversations'

The Combined Education Committee looked at special school programs, preparing to have "tough conversations."

Education committee takes hard look at enrollments, budgets

The Combined Education Committee met for the third time Wednesday to hear presentations on school enrollment and budget data.

Appellants: Suits filed in Circuit Court, continuing fight against school closures

Despite a ruling handed down this past June from the Maryland State Board of Education, those in the fight to keep three Carroll County schools open refuse to lose hope.

Education committee identifies information needed before future discussions

The county's Combined Education Committee will begin discussions on county and school system funding as early as next month.

School board to hold off closure discussion until new members chosen

The possibility of more school closures appears to be on hold, at least for the coming months until new board members are seated.

Education committee lays ground rules

The Combined Committee on Education will spend four to five hours each month over the course of the summer and into the fall looking into county schools' spending in a number of other jurisdictions and assessing what can be done in Carroll County.

State school board issues opinions on closures, noting concerns about CCPS transparency

Maryland State Board of Education released opinions reaffirming Carroll school closures but also voicing transparency concerns.

Disposal of items at schools inflames community angry over school closures

Anger regarding the closure of three Carroll County Schools, and what some are calling wastefulness, culminated in an altercation Thursday at New Windsor Middle School.

State board upholds Carroll BOE's decision to close schools

A decision came back at the end of the state board of education meeting Tuesday in regard to the closing of three Carroll County Schools.

Carroll County Public Schools possible closure appeals hearing approaching

The Maryland State Department of Education is scheduled to hear appeals in regard to the possible impending closures at 9 a.m. June 28.

Destinations of memorabilia from schools facing closure to be determined

Rumors about memorabilia from the three schools likely to be closed for good has brought concern from the community.

Charles Carroll students prepare for change ahead on likely last day

Wednesday marked the last day for Charles Carroll Elementary, a school that first opened its doors in 1929 as a high school.

Students, faculty say goodbye to North Carroll, school year

Teachers, administrators and staff stood on the sidewalks at North Carroll High School waving goodbye to students as they were driven away in school buses.

New Windsor Middle School students, staff reflect on their likely last day

New Windsor Middle School is one of three county schools that are slated for closure at the end of the school year, a move aimed at dealing with declining enrollment and school funding shortfalls. Appeals to the closure will be heard by the State Board of Education on June 28.

Charles Carroll voters to be relocated to Pleasant Valley VFC

Voters in northern Carroll County who were told last week that they would be casting their 2016 general election ballot at Ebb Valley Elementary will now likely be redirected again, this time to the Pleasant Valley fire hall.

North Carroll alumni walk-through brings memories, tears for community

An estimated hundreds of alumni walked the halls of North Carroll High School Monday night before the school's likely closing.

New Windsor Middle hosts closing ceremony

The mood was nostalgic Monday night as alumni, parents, staff and students said goodbye to New Windsor Middle School.

School closure appeals get date for hearings

Appellants to the closure of three county schools will have a chance to make their case before the state Board of Education later this month.

County announces polling place changes

County residents accustomed to voting at one of three county schools scheduled for closure at the end of the month will have to travel to a new polling site to

Filing of exceptions pushes closure appeals forward

Administrative law judge ruled in April in favor of closures

Administrative judge recommends state deny school closure appeals

An administrative law judge has recommended that the Maryland State Department of Education deny appeals to the Carroll County Board of Education's decision to close three schools.

State school board visit to North Carroll prompts county complaint, and PIA dispute

Carroll County school board President James Doolan lodged a written complaint with the State Board of Education over a visit to North Carroll High School by a state board member, calling it "inappropriate" in the midst of discussions about the school's closure.

School board pushes back against commissioners' comments

Members of the Board of Education voiced their displeasure Wednesday afternoon with discussions held by the Board of Commissioners during recent budget meetings.

Motions hearing held in school appeals

A decision on motions to pause the county's move to close three schools and to speed up judgment on behalf of the school system could be issued as early as

North Carroll Rec Council summer program location in flux

Rec and Parks working on keeping North Carroll fields open

Superintendent and Commissioner on school closings provokes response

An email dating from Nov. 13 between Carroll County Public Schools' Superintendent Stephen Guthrie and County Commissioner Richard Rothschild revealed plans to move CCPS headquarters into a vacant New Windsor Middle School after it was shuttered in the coming year.

Hearings on school closures to be held in Westminster

Hearings on the merits of five appeals challenging the Carroll County Board of Education's decision to close three schools in the 2016-2017 school here will take place in Westminster, according to a scheduling order issued by Administrative Law Judge Harriet Helfand on Monday.

Hearings on Carroll school closings to begin in April

The five appeals filed to challenge the Carroll County Board of Education's decision to close three schools will have their day before an administrative law judge, beginning on April 11, the date of a newly announced motions hearing, according to Denise Shaffer, deputy director of operations and an administrative law judger with the Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings.

Conversations commence about what to do with empty school buildings

A discussion about what to do with empty buildings when three Carroll County public schools close has begun, though ultimately, no decisions have been made.

School board approves retirement incentive programs for CCPS employees

School board members voted unanimously Wednesday to approve retirement incentive plans for four unions representing school system employees, with the goal of preventing layoffs when three schools are closed for the 2016-17 school year.

Naming of Manchester Valley High on school board's agenda

A committee formed to ease the transition of students from North Carroll High School to Manchester Valley High School when North Carroll closes, suggested that Manchester Valley should keep its name.

Editorial: For schools, commissioners must do their part too

Not to sound trite, but the old saying that goes "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem," is what keeps coming to mind when we hear the Carroll County Board of Commissioners continue to restate that the school system needs to do more to get its financial issues in order.

Letter: Closing New Windsor Middle won't save much

The school system is citing $5 million in savings in the budget due to school closures, which I seriously question. The commissioners should also question it,

School board contemplates increasing operating budget request

Community members urged Carroll County Board of Education members to increase their fiscal year 2017 operating budget request to a level that meets their budgetary needs during a public hearing Wednesday night.

School board members ask more of commissioners on school issues

Members of the Carroll County Public Schools Board of Education told the county commissioners that they need to do their part in helping the school system to address projected future funding shortfalls ¿ the reason the school board made the decision to close the schools.

Editorial: Hogan lodges unfair criticism at Carroll school leaders

Gov. Larry Hogan had harsh words for Carroll County Public Schools Superintendent Stephen Guthrie earlier this week at a Board of Public Works meeting known as the "Beg-A-Thon," where school officials from across the state plead their case for additional funding for public school construction projects. It wasn't because of the money Guthrie was asking for -- rather, money that he didn't.

Appeals filed to contest Board of Education decision to close three schools

Community members will not allow three schools slated for closure next year to be shuttered without continuing to put up a fight, after the Carroll County Board of Education voted last month to close three schools – Charles Carroll Elementary, New Windsor Middle and North Carroll High, to reduce the school system's operating costs.

Guthrie proposes $8.8 million for employee salaries in FY 17

Carroll County Public Schools Superintendent Steve Guthrie presented his proposed Fiscal Year 2017 budget to the Board of Education Wednesday afternoon, a budget that includes a $8.8 million allocation for salaries.

Editorial: School board term limits won't change much

As proponents of term limits, you'd think that we'd be in total support of Del. Haven Shoemaker's announcement that he plans to introduce legislation in the upcoming General Assembly session, which starts Jan. 13, to limit members of the Carroll County Board of Education to serve no more than two consecutive terms. But it seems more of a reaction to a problem that doesn't presently exist.

Polling places unaffected by school closures, for now

Three Carroll County schools approved by the school board for closure will remain polling places in April

Countdown begins to appeal Board of Education decision to close schools

The clock has begun ticking for those who want to appeal the Carroll County Board of Education's decision to close three schools and relocate students.

Letter: Guthrie decision was the right one

I commend Superintendent Steven Guthrie for making the tough decision to close three schools in Carroll County.

Letter: School board took easy way out

"Along with great power comes great responsibility." Whether it was Voltaire or Ben Parker that coined the phrase, it can be applied when considering the Dec. 9

Editorial: Lessons learned from school closing process

We've talked a lot about the process of school closures over the last month. Some who favored the closings might say too much. But with Wednesday's decision by the school board and Superintendent Steve Guthrie to close three schools now and two next year behind us, we need to move forward.

Board of Education approves plan to close three schools next year

To the disappointment of many in attendance, the Carroll County Board of Education voted Wednesday night to move forward with Carroll County Public Schools Superintendent Stephen Guthrie's proposal to shutter three schools next year, after hearing a final round of feedback from community members urging them to delay their vote on closing schools.

Officials voice hesitation on delaying school closures

Even if $4 million in stopgap funding makes it through the upcoming state budget process and into the coffers of the Carroll County school system, some local officials say delaying the potential closure of some county schools could result in more months of agitation and anxiety to come to the same conclusion or the restart of the whole process.

Editorial: End doesn't justify means in school closings

We've never been ones to say that the end justifies the means. We think that the process is often as important as the results themselves. This is why we believe the process followed by the Carroll County school board and Superintendent Steve Guthrie to consider school closings has been flawed from the beginning.

Letter: School board has opportunity to correct mistakes

Open letter to Carroll County Board Education: Occasionally in life, we receive the opportunity to correct our mistakes and make amends. Gov. Larry Hogan has

Letter: Schools serve important role as community hubs

I attended all three public hearings for the BOE system recommendation. Speakers were intensely passionate, some, although prompted, spoke from the heart and

Political realities may keep $4 million from reaching Carroll

Somewhat lost in all the euphoria of Gov. Larry Hogan plans to include $4 million in the state's 2017 budget to help delay school closings in Carroll County are some hard political realities.

Governor's proposal to delay school closures to be discussed at joint meeting

A letter from the governor's office proposing to provide additional aid to Carroll County Public Schools in the state Fiscal Year 2017 budget, intended to delay school closings, has given the county Board of Education something to consider before they vote on the superintendent's final recommendation to close three schools next year.

Editorial: Hogan funds should buy school board some time to weigh options

Gov. Larry Hogan did on Thursday what the Carroll County School Board, the Carroll commissioners and school superintendent Steve Guthrie have failed to do over the last two months. He gave hope to community leaders and parents that the school closing and redistricting process may slow down a bit.

Letter: Find schools solutions that benefit everyone

As a parent of two students at Winters Mill High School, I find it discouraging that during this entire process of "options" my children have heard "kill the

Letter: Why is closing Winters Mill an option?

I wonder how gutting the only nationally ranked high school in Carroll County is even a consideration.

Letter: Use school closures as teaching moment

Good day, I wanted to present my thoughts on the proposed ideas for Manchester Valley and North Carroll high schools. My concerns are on the proposed name,

Gov. Hogan plans to give $4 million to Carroll schools

Gov. Larry Hogan plans to give $4 million in stop-gap funding to Carroll County Public Schools, and another $1.6 million to two other jurisdictions that have received decreased state aid due to declining enrollment, which could be used to delay closing schools in the county another year.

Letter: Not funding education on county level is counterproductive

In his Nov. 29 column, Commissioner Richard Rothschild wrote: "All five commissioners agree the school system is too big, too expensive, inefficient, and must

Winters Mill community asks school board not to change course with closures

Members of the Winters Mill High School community asked the Carroll County Board of Education not to bend to the will of other community members who have suggested converting their school into a middle school as an alternative solution to the superintendent's final recommendation on school closures and redistricting, at a public hearing Wednesday night.

Letter: Community proposals target Westminster students

Current community proposals all seem to have a theme: Discriminate Against Westminster Kids. I don't have a child at Winters Mill, however, I grew up in

Residents argue against school closure process at first public hearing

Dozens of residents gave impassioned arguments for why the Carroll County Board of Education should vote against Superintendent Stephen Guthrie's final recommendation to the Board of Education for school closures and redistricting Tuesday night during a hearing at North Carroll High School, kicking off a series of three public hearings before the board takes a final vote on the plan next week.

Letter: Time for silent majority to be heard on school closings

There's been much press on the school closing recommendations to rightfully save taxpayers the burden of under-utilized facilities. And North Carroll families

Letter: Past board of commissioners at fault for schools budget crisis

Over these last few months I have realized that the general public is overlooking elements of the CCPS crisis. Certainly, past and present BOE members and

Editorial: Howard's idea shows why school closing process needs more time

Carroll County Commissioner Doug Howard offered his own nuanced take on the school closing issue at a hastily called press conference earlier this week. And he convinced us. Now, more than ever, we think the process should slow down. Way down.

Howard: Commissioners should revisit Westminster K-8 school

The day before a round of public hearings on school closures, Commissioner Doug Howard called a news conference to say he'd like the commissioners to reconsider funding for a consolidated kindergarten through eighth-grade school in Westminster that the board voted down in April, based on the proposed closures of three schools currently on the table. He also suggested North Carroll High School's building be used to house the Career and Tech Center.

Rothschild: Reviewing commissioners' goals on school system restructuring

On Nov. 5, all five members of the Board of County Commissioners affixed their signatures to a press release that summarized our views on school system restructuring. Whereas the entire Board of Commissioners believes it important for our citizens to fully understand our position, the entire letter follows for your convenience:

Community presents alternative plans for school closures, redistricting

Along with hundreds of emails and phone calls, the Carroll County Board of Education has received dozens of alternative plans for school closures and redistricting from concerned citizens and community leaders who believe they have found a better way to downsize the school system.

Editorial: School board must consider all options from hearings

The Carroll County School Board has an amazing opportunity before it this coming week when the five-member panel hosts public meetings on a recommendation to close three schools and redistrict students. We hope the members approach those hearings with that mindset.

Letter: School board must hold superintendent accountable, reject recommendations

I am asking the Board of Education to vote no to the "new Option 5" that Mr. Stephen Guthrie simply had in his coat pocket all along, during the last meeting. I

Letter: Superintendent's reasoning behind closing North Carroll High smells rotten

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark." In William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Marcellus uses this metaphor for the monarchy; the misled and corrupt government

Scanlan: A school building is more than just classrooms

The job of an educator is much more than teaching content, and a school is much more than classrooms. Every day, we teachers are mindful of the whole child as they look to us as mentors and role models. And the school building is truly a home away from home. We are a safe haven, and the feeling of community lasts a lifetime for many of our kids. For the most vulnerable children, a school is the closest thing to a home they experience. So when a school closes, it is far more than a simple change

Johnson: Redo school closures with goal of keeping all high schools open

As a recently retired teacher from Carroll County Public Schools, I can't help but watch the current declining state of affairs within our county public education system. We have a teaching and support staff with low morale, feeling unappreciated, underpaid and threatened with declining employment opportunities. An entirely different issue facing the county leaders — Board of Education members and county commissioners — is the declining enrollment in our public schools and aging

Letter: Focus closures to older Westminster schools

I have read many differing opinions regarding Superintendent Stephen Guthrie's school redistricting plan. As a lifelong resident of Carroll County, I'd like to

Letter: BOE should reject recommendations, try again

The way I see things is that our elected Board of Education members have two choices:

Editorial: State senator's letter spoke for many parents

Exasperated parents and community leaders, particularly those in areas effected by potential school closings, have been trying to get school officials to listen to arguments like the one Sen. Justin Ready mentioned in his letter. But these ideas seem to be falling on the school system's deaf ears.

Teachers' lack of step increases should be addressed first

In his column last week, Commissioner Richard Rothschild made a salient point and an interesting suggestion regarding the possibility of salary increases for our public school teachers. I would like to offer a minor tweak to the commissioner's idea: Like the most senior group, those at the complete opposite end of the scale, newly minted teachers with no experience and no advanced degrees also receive only the modest raise. My plan would give the bulk of any salary increase to those with more

Tensions high between rivals North Carroll, Manchester Valley high schools

Emotions are running high in the North Carroll community as residents push back against the potential closure of North Carroll High School, one of three county schools recommended by the superintendent to be shuttered next year.

Editorial: Pay attention to the small stuff with school closings

They say don't sweat the small stuff, but in the case of the potential merger of North Carroll and Manchester Valley high schools, the devil will be in the details.

Letter: School closure plan wasn't what was recommended a year ago

As a former Board of Education member, I have concerns about the process and recommendations regarding school closures. Declining enrollment, budgetary issues,

Commissioners bristle at letter from state senator about schools

Sen. Ready said he wanted board to consider options that would keep high schools open

Letter: Closing New Windsor Middle doesn't make sense

I am a New Windsor Middle School parent, but all factors considered, and personal feelings aside, I still come to the conclusion that closing NWMS is simply a

Letter: Praise for Winters Mill community in meeting

There are always two sides to every story. Since Wednesday night, I have read nothing but negative comments regarding the board meeting and Mr. Guthrie's final

Special school board meeting, three public hearings scheduled for school closures, redistricting

Three public hearings will be held by the county school board to get feedback from the community on the superintendent's final recommendation for school closures and redistricting the first week of December.

Editorial: Beyond school closings, tax hike likely needed to fix school system

School and county government officials have been upfront during the entire process that school closures and redistricting were never going to be a magic bullet to solve the funding gap between what CCPS estimates it needs and what the commissioners expect to give. However, the understanding was that if the school system moved forward with closures, the commissioners would not only allow them to keep any savings, but would also consider finding ways to increase funding to public schools,

Letter: School board meeting a poor example of how government should work

Now just how am I supposed to realistically encourage elementary school students to participate in events affecting their community after attending and

Letter: Hoping commissioners think creatively about school buildings

I hope the commissioners take a holistic view in evaluating Superintendent Steve Guthrie's recommendations on school closings.

North Carroll, Manchester Valley play what might be final football battle

With a line of fans that reached the parking lot well into the first quarter, the North Carroll and Manchester Valley high school football teams faced off in what could possibly be their final time competing against each other as separate schools during the Class 1A North semifinal playoff game Friday evening in Manchester.

Editorial: In the end, few options but to close schools

Like most people in Carroll County, we didn't want to see any schools marked for closure. Frankly, we doubt Superintendent Steve Guthrie or members of the school board did either. But with the financial pressure building, there wasn't much of an alternative. The missive sent to the school system by the county commissioners last week urging school officials to be aggressive and creative in shuttering schools left no doubt about that.

Commissioners express support of school board, stay mum on Guthrie's recommendations

The Carroll County commissioners voiced their support to the Carroll County Board of Education during a joint meeting Thursday but stopped short of specifically endorsing the recommenations that schools Superindentent Stephen Guthrie outlined at the school board's Wednesday meeting.

Superintendent recommends closing 3 schools; public hearings scheduled

After the proposal of five different options for school closures and redistricting, Carroll County Public Schools Superintendent Stephen Guthrie announced his final recommendation to the Board of Education on Wednesday to close three schools — Charles Carroll Elementary, New Windsor Middle and North Carroll High — for the 2016-17 school year.

Letter: North Carroll, Man Valley cheerleaders show great sportsmanship

Too often cheerleaders have the reputation of being snobby. That stereotype could not have been farther from the truth last Friday night for the cheerleaders at

Letter: What's GOP endgame for education in Maryland, Carroll?

I'm confused about the policies county Republican leaders pursue when it comes to public education. We used to have the best schools in the state, but that is

Offsetting costs to close schools inspire concerns

Incomplete information about offset costs to close schools has some county residents questioning the amount of savings school closings could bring to Carroll County Public Schools.

John Lowe: Insults fly when times get tough

As a wrestling coach, by definition, I have to form a thick skin -- physically and metaphorically, both for the bruises that come my way in practice and the

Letter: County leadership needs to support CCPS

In this time of turmoil surrounding the process currently underway to close some local schools and redistrict the system, it is also disheartening to witness

Letter: What if declining enrollment is only a temporary problem?

I've been scratching my head ever since I read about the two recommendations for school closings in Carroll County, the first to close one school and the second

Letter: Carroll public schools facing hard facts

The Carroll County Board of Education finds itself in a position most political/governmental bodies loathe. They have to limit their power and at the same time

Letter: Middle, elementary schools should close, not high schools

I think I can predict what Steve Guthrie will present to the board today. His recommendation will be to close North Carroll High School. Based on history, this

Letter: Current school closure options solve little

I have only lived in Carroll County for a few years so the financial issues of the Carroll County Public Schools system are new to me.

Letter: Option 4 doesn't belong in conversation on school closures

I do not think any high school should close. However, it is evident that relocating East Middle to Winters Mill under Option 4 is a matter of convenience to

School closures decision too important to rush

The clock is rapidly ticking down to the self-imposed mid-November deadline for the Board of Education and Superintendant Steve Guthrie to decide on the question of possible school closings and student redistricting. I and many others, as far as I can determine, think that this most important decision needs to be postponed for a while.

Superintendent to present recommendation on school closures

Carroll County Public Schools Superintendent Stephen Guthrie will present his recommendation for potential school closures at the Board of Education's meeting on Wednesday.

Editorial: Commissioners speeding up the school closing process

Everything else has been tried in the school closing debate, so why not use the old carrot and stick approach? That seems to be the tact the Carroll County commissioners are now officially using in an effort to insert a dose of financial reality into what's already a contentious and certainly controversial topic. The commissioners are adding their powerful and dispassionate voice to what has so far been a process that has, at times, seemed unfocused, unfair and unwieldy.

Letter: Prayers to save North Carroll High

Last week at North Carroll High School, I led an event called "See You at the Pole." It was organized by the school's Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Students

Meg Jones: School closings could inhibit Carroll's future

The majority of Carroll County residents are aware of the current situation with the Carroll County Public School System, even if they are not directly affected yet. Anyone who has been keeping up with local news is aware of the heartache and the frustrations of the communities and the families involved, not to mention the taxpayers' concerns. So far, we have not seen any clear facts regarding how any of these plans will help the financial problems of the BOE, and give the teachers their needed

Letter: Schools should work toward more reasonable plan

I have been following Carroll public school funding for over 15 years. Just when I think progress has been made and there is some method to the madness, things

Letter: School closings like the Hunger Games

In my industry, after the economy took a wrong turn, we got used to a new term -- flat is the new growth. Our employees didn't get raises for years, much like

Letter: School restructuring will affect everyone

I personally think no one is safe from the school closings or redistricting. Your school may not be on chopping block but that doesn't mean you won't have some

Letter: Guthrie has interests of Carroll residents in mind

I take issue with the letter by Kip Barkley in the Times on Nov. 2 calling for the removal of Steve Guthrie as school superintendent.

Letter: County should seek outside expertise in school closures

In response to a recent opinion rendered on the "unfit nature of Guthrie to be Superintendent," I render my opinion. The issue at hand is highly contentious,

Letter: Make school decisions based on needs of community

As a parent of a child with disabilities, I know what it means to adjust to a new normal. The failure of our political leaders to accurately and logically plan

Editorial: Decision on setting for school meeting overlooked the little things

Sometimes in big picture discussions, such as the school closings debate now raging in Carroll County, it's the little things that draw the most attention.

Commissioners make statement on school closure plans

The Carroll County Board of Commissioners have a released a statement that urges the Carroll County Public School system to implement both school closures and county-wide redistricting to maximize operational and capital savings.

School officials' decision to hold meeting at Winters Mill raises objections

Tension between the Winters Mill and North Carroll high school communities -- two schools that face major changes under plans to downsize Carroll County Public

Letter: School meeting should start later to allow more to attend

As a Class of 1996 graduate of North Carroll High School, I think it is a joke that CCPS scheduled a Nov. 11 meeting at 4 p.m.

Letter: Hoping these aren't headlines from the future

June 2016 -- Faculty, students and community weep as final bell sounds at North Carroll High School; bell marks end of school year and end of an era.

Schools impacted by closure and redistricting plan

The following schools could be impacted by the Carroll County Public Schools plan to close and redistrict schools

North Carroll flagpole prayer

Members of the community and students pray around the flagpole Wednesday morning at North Carroll High School in support to keep the school open.

Letter: Use extra space from Winters Mill as Tech Center

I am a 2015 graduate of North Carroll High School. After hearing the news that schools within Carroll County will be closing, I did some research. In Option 4,

Letter: Take the long view on school closings

I understand school closings are a major disruption and inconvenience to those that are redistricted. As a parent of children at the high school level, I would

Richard Rothschild: Understanding declining enrollments and funding

When discussing declining school enrollments, people inject their personal ideas into the diagnosis. In reality, diverse factors contribute to the issue.

Manchester Valley: Root of school system's funding issues?

As school and county officials grapple with how to solve a funding problem facing Carroll County Public Schools, some county residents have pointed to a decision to build Manchester Valley High School to alleviate overcrowding at North Carroll High School as the root of the school system's funding issues.

Getting beyond the school closing blame game

We've run a lot of opinions on these pages about the predicament that the Carroll County Public School system now faces. Proposed options have been debated, parents and community leaders have argued on behalf of this school or that school, and in a few cases, there have been those who have wanted to assess blame.

Letter: School closures not consistent with goals

I can no longer accept the premise that closing any schools in Carroll County is a critical action, now or necessarily later. There simply isn't enough

Letter: No high schools should be closed

I do not understand how Mr. Guthrie and the BAC have failed to see a major problem with nearly all of the options presented so far. No high schools should be

Neal Roop: Keep New Windsor Middle open to close East Middle

The alternative I propose is to keep New Windsor Middle open and close Westminster East Middle. There would be a comprehensive redistricting of New Windsor, North Carroll, Northwest, Shiloh and Westminster West middle schools. This a variation of BAC Option 3 and incorporates the closing of Westminster East Middle, as proposed in Option 4.

Letter: Rename Man Valley to North Carroll High

So, three of the five school closing options have North Carroll High closing. Does it bother anyone else that we built Manchester Valley High just six years

Editorial: Latest school closing option might only delay the inevitable

The Boundary Adjustment Committee has added a new wrinkle to the process as its latest option to the school closing and redistricting debate —spread the changes over two years. It's an interesting approach to addressing the problems of declining enrollment and tight budgets. It still calls for shuttering older school buildings and, no, it doesn't make the process any easier. But it buys some time. The question we ask, though, is that a good thing?

Letter: No scapegoat needed to solve CCPS woes

Dear Superintendent Guthrie, Assistant Superintendent O'Neal, Board of Education members, and Carroll County Commissioners:

Legislators, school officials address ways to improve state aid to Carroll public schools

Carroll County Public Schools officials are urging state legislators to push for changes to the way state public education funding is disbursed as the Board of Education contemplates school closures and countywide redistricting to address a drop in state funding resulting from declining student enrollment.

Carroll school closings would be spread over two years under plan unveiled Monday

In the often heated back and forth over how to bring a declining public school enrollment in line with an excess of classroom capacity, a fifth option for building closures and redistricting — one which would close three identified and two yet-to-be-named schools over a span of two years — was introduced Monday night by Carroll County Public Schools Superintendent Stephen Guthrie.

School board to dig into details on school closures, redistricting

School board members expect to hear further clarification on the methodology used to arrive at options for school closures and redistricting at a work session on Monday.

Letter: Only one school closure option makes sense

Letter: Only one school closure option makes sense

Letter: Past tax cuts hurting school system, county

Letter: Past tax cuts hurting school system, carroll county

Letter: Winters Mill more just than a high school

Letter: Winters Mill more just than a high school

Letter: Closing Winters Mill defies common sense

Letter: Closing Winters Mill defies common sense

Letter: Schools actually underutilized should be the ones closed

Letter: Schools actually underutilized should be the ones closed

Letter: Be wary of words from school system

Letter: Be wary of words from school system

Letter: Charles Carroll is a school worth saving

According to, the definition of a community is: "a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government and

Officials: To prevent Carroll school closures, tax hikes would be needed

Comments have been circulating on social media about a statement made about a Carroll County estimate of increase in property tax needed for the school system to meet Carroll County Public Schools' financial obligations.

Editorial: Take time to get school plan right

Before Wednesday night's school board meeting, Carroll County school superintendent Steve Guthrie said maybe the only thing that the crowd gathered could agree upon.

Letter: Schools closures could bring better education

I am a life-long county resident. A former student, a teacher and now a parent. I have two children that attend Manchester Elementary. I am Vice President of

Letter: We need more options for school closures

I arrived and lined up three hours prior to Wednesday's Board of Education Meeting, anxious to see what new options and ideas the BAC and Board had come up with

Commissioners make funding commitment to school system

The Carroll County Board of Commissioners have voted not to reduce future school funding due to savings from school closures and redistricting, but at least one commissioner feared the commitment could lead to heavy tax hikes "down the road."

More options for school closures, redistricting presented at Board of Education meeting

A contentious discussion continued at the Carroll County Board of Education's meeting Wednesday, when two new options for school closings and redistricting were presented by the Boundary Adjustment Committee, even as a crowd gathered at the meeting site and people protested in favor of keeping various schools open.

More options for school closures, redistricting to be presented today

Hundreds of people are expected to show up at the Carroll County Board of Education meeting Wednesday afternoon, when the board is expected to hear additional options for school closures and redistricting.

Finksburg community demonstrates devotion to saving Sandymount Elementary with so-called 'hug'

Hundreds of parents, students, teachers and community members surrounded Sandymount Elementary School holding hands Monday evening, giving the school a so-called 'hug.'

Letter: Different schools should be recommended for closure

I have observed the deliberations on school closings and boundary adjustments -- as a taxpayer, as a supporter of CCPS and mother of two graduates, and as a

Editorial: School solutions are in the future, not the past

There comes a point where we must move on and forget the mistakes of the past. Trying to re-fight battles that are long over serves no one and only keeps us from moving forward.

Commissioners: School closure savings to stay with CCPS

The Carroll County Commissioners say they are committed to ensuring any funds saved due to redistricting and school closures will remain appropriated to the Carroll County Public School systems' budget.

Editorial: School system seeks feedback, so offer it up

It's no secret that parents are upset with school officials over the proposed boundary changes and school closures better now before the school board. Many have said they should have had say from Day 1 in the process and they don't feel like they've been given that chance. But we want to remind parents that there are a few opportunities coming up and now's the chance.

Community questions school system enrollment projections

Some residents, worried about a plan that calls for the closure of five of Carroll County's public schools and countywide redistricting, have questioned the validity of school system enrollment projections, which indicate a countywide enrollment decline of more than 2,000 students over the next decade.

Communities to hold meetings to discuss CCPS plan for school closures, redistricting

Communities in Finksburg, New Windsor and Hampstead will hold community meetings this week to disseminate information about a Carroll County Public Schools' recommendation for school closures and redistricting.

Letter: School closures will affect quality of education

Rushing to close five of our Carroll County Public Schools by the members of the school board is not about heritage or vision.

Mount Airy pushes back on potential closure of elementary school

Mount Airy is the second Carroll County municipality to launch a unified community effort to fight for their local school to stay open.

Editorial: More time needed to determine school closings

Time shouldn't be as much of a consideration as getting to the best solution. If slowing things down helps that process – and we think it would, then so be it. For that, we ask "why not?"

Letter: School closure plans need to be fiscally responsible

I am writing in regard to the Carroll County Board of Education's decision around closing five schools throughout the district. After reading the Boundary

Letter: Something fishy about NCHS closure plans

The fact they are contemplating closing North Carroll High School would be ludicrous if it weren't for one awful tragic reality. This school is just one block,

Letter: Reversing recent tax cuts could save schools

Carroll County schools are in trouble. We are facing a budget crisis due to declining enrollment and insufficient funding from the county and state. We have

Letter: NCHS should close, despite positive experience

As the parents of two students at North Carroll High School, we are extremely happy with the strong administration of the school, the professionalism of the

Letter: More money needed for quality schools

It was clear to me after last night that is we want to maintain quality schools, we need to implore our commissioners to actually fund our schools. There are

Residents protest potential closure of North Carroll High at Board of Education work session

Although there was no opportunity for public participation at the Carroll County Board of Education's Monday night work session, a throng of residents made their voices heard.

Protests outside Carroll County Board of Education worksession

Community members opposed to the closing of North Carroll High School demonstrated outside the Carroll County Board of Education in Westminster Monday, Sept. 28, 2015 as the Board of Education held a work session on countywide redistricting and school closures. North Carroll High School could be closed under committee recommendations and the town of Hampstead would be redistricted in half.

Hampstead community to protest plan to close North Carroll High, redistrict town

Members of the community of Hampstead are assembling to protest recommendations presented at the Carroll County Board of Education's Sept. 8 meeting which included the closure of North Carroll High School and the redistricting of students in their community.

Board of Education faces difficult decisions on school closures, redistricting

As Carroll County officials look for ways solve a funding issue for the public school system, Board of Education members expect to make some difficult decisions in the months ahead.

Editorial: Everyone needs a say in school boundary changes

Changes of this magnitude need to start at the grass roots level

School board members concerned by recommendations on closures, redistricting

Members of the Carroll County Board of Education at its Wednesday meeting expressed discomfort about two sets of recommendations that the school system's Boundary Adjustment Committee presented, both of which involve the closure of Charles Carroll Elementary and countywide redistricting.