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Dorsey says experience as student, parent, teacher and administrator gives her unique view on how to help Carroll schools

Editor’s note: The Carroll County Times is profiling candidates for the Carroll County Board of Education leading up to the July 19 primary elections. In the nonpartisan race, voters may choose three candidates on their primary election ballots. The top six vote-getters will advance to the general election. Seven candidates are running for three open seats: Tara Battaglia, Patricia Dorsey, Amanda Jozkowski, James Miller, Pat Sands, Tom Scanlan and Steve Whisler. Katie Speert is also listed on the ballot but withdrew from the race in June.

Patricia Dorsey is finishing her first term as a member of the Carroll County Board of Education, and says she still has more work to do for the school system. Dorsey, of Westminster, is running for reelection to her seat, hoping to help with continued recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Dorsey was the top vote-getter in the 2018 election and is no stranger to CCPS. She was once a student in Carroll County schools, then worked as a teacher, assistant principal and principal in the system for almost 40 years. She also knows what it is like to be a parent in CCPS, as her two children attended and graduated from Carroll’s public schools.

Her extensive teaching experience, coupled with her administrative career have allowed her to have a “very keen understanding” of the inner workings of the school system, Dorsey said.


“I bring the vision not just of what it takes to have good instruction in the classroom as a teacher, but I know how to observe, evaluate and report on it … I have all those pieces in my background,” Dorsey said. “I don’t think there is anyone (else) who’s running (for the Board of Education) that has been at the level where they not only participated as a teacher in the system but also had part of their job to go in to observe and evaluate the teaching staff.”

Dorsey, a lifelong Carroll County resident and 1968 graduate of South Carroll High School, earned a bachelor’s degree from Morgan State College (now known as Morgan State University), a master’s from Western Maryland College (now known as McDaniel College) and a doctorate from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Dorsey said that she wants to use her expertise to move the school system past problems wrought by the pandemic.

“During the pandemic, we just lost a little bit of our academic footing and I think there was a period of time when we loosed the requirements/standards a bit because everyone was dealing with how we were going to handle the virus … I think we can get try to back to where we were before that and even go farther, if we can,” she said.

If reelected to the Board of Education, Dorsey said she plans to focus on student achievement.

“I feel like I still have something to contribute and I’d like to continue to give back to the system and community which have given so much to me,” she said.