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Marsha Herbert chosen to lead Carroll County school board, preside over meetings and set agendas for the next year

The Carroll County Board of Education unanimously elected Marsha Herbert to be its next president Wednesday. Tara Battaglia was elected vice president, a position she held for the past year.

The Board of Education of Carroll County held a special Board meeting August 31, 2022.  Board Member, Mrs. Marsha Herbert.

Herbert, 71, who taught in Carroll County Public Schools for 41 years, was nominated by board member Donna Sivigny and the nomination was seconded by board member Steve Whisler. Battaglia’s nomination for vice president was made by Whisler, seconded by Sivigny and passed by a vote of 4-1. Board member Patricia Dorsey voted against Battaglia after nominating herself.


“I was proud to [have served] as president several years ago, and I’m proud to serve again,” Herbert said. “You know how I run the meetings – short, sweet and to the point, and we get the job done.”


Herbert, 71, owns and lives at Country Hill Farm, a horse farm on Leisters Church Road in Westminster.She was first elected to the board in 2016 and was reelected in 2020.

Carroll’s school board has five members who receive $12,000 as annual compensation; the board president is paid an additional $1,000 per year.

Each December, the board elects a president and vice president to serve one-year terms, according to the Carroll County Board of Education handbook. Former school board member and current county commissioner Ken Kiler had served as the board president since last December.

The school board president presides over all meetings, is responsible for approving board meeting agendas, and calls for any special meetings of the board. The president also helps to orient new board members and approves travel expenses.

The president also represents the views of the board’s voting majority in all external communications, including interactions with the media, according to the handbook.

The president must make a motion for a meeting to go into a closed session and can invite anyone outside of voting board members to attend a closed session. The school board’s monthly meeting regularly consists of a two-hour closed session and a three-hour public meeting.

As vice president, Battaglia, 44, is responsible for filling the board president’s duties in case of her absence.