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Scanlan out-raises Battaglia, Miller, Whisler slate in campaign for Carroll County school board seats

In the race for seats on the Carroll County school board, Tom Scanlan is outraising all other candidates, including the slate of Tara Battaglia, Steve Whisler and James Miller, which is raising money as a group, according to campaign finance reports filed with the State Board of Elections earlier this month.

In all, the eight candidates listed on the ballot raised about $26,000 during the first half of 2022, according to the report. In the nonpartisan race, voters may choose three candidates on their primary election ballots July 19. The top six vote-getters will advance to the general election.


Seven candidates are running for three open seats on the Carroll County Board of Education this year. The candidates include incumbent Battaglia, incumbent Pat Dorsey, Amanda Jozkowski, Miller, Pat Sands, Scanlan and Whisler. Katie Speert is also listed on the ballot but withdrew from the race earlier this month.

Reports filed by candidates represent money received and spent between Jan. 13 and June 7 and cash on hand as of June 7.


During that time Scanlan’s campaign raised $10,400, spent $5,615.13, and was left with a balance of $7,620.25. Donations mainly came in amounts of $500 or less. Dr. Robert Wack, Carroll County’s deputy health officer, is listed among Scanlan’s contributors. Wack donated $100 to Scanlan’s campaign, according to the report.

Scanlan said he was “surprised” at the amount of money his campaign has raised. He called the process “gratifying.”

“I have to thank the parents and educators in Carroll County for their support. ... I believe our community is tired of the divisive controversies and wants our schools to be focused on education,” he said. “I have to think that my 33 years as a teacher in Carroll County and my positive message resonates with people.”

The Battaglia, Miller, Whisler slate reported raising $8,048.59 and spending $5,976.95, during the same reporting period. The slate has a balance of $5,408.11. A slate is an official legal designation; its members raise and spend money as a group with a shared mission.

Miller reported individual campaign receipts totaling $1,000, which stemmed from a loan he took out to pay for the printing of yard signs. He did not raise money from other contributors, according to the report.

In her individual report, Battaglia reported raising $3,348.92 and spending $2,927.39; she had a balance of $466.53. All of her campaign spending went toward printing campaign materials such as yard signs, T-shirts and brochures.

“All of my fundraisers are family-friendly functions, that also support local businesses. ... I look for deals with some campaign materials, and purchase signs from locally owned businesses,” Battaglia said. “I am so thankful for every penny donated, because I know that every penny counts for families.”

Battaglia’s donors included Friends of Susan Krebs, who gave $500; Bryan Thompson, chair of Concerned Parents of Carroll County, who contributed $200; and Kathryn “Kit” Hart, chair of Moms for Liberty, who contributed $48.06. Two current school board members — Kenneth Kiler and Marsha Herbert — each donated $50 to Battaglia’s campaign. Herbert and Kiler are both running for Carroll County commissioner seats, in different districts.


Jozkowski raised $4,590, spent $6,189.94 and had $597.86 in cash on hand. Jozkowski said she used events, social media, in-person interactions and her campaign website to raise funds.

“Campaign financing is not the most comfortable part of this process, but it is necessary. ... I have purchased items and services as needed to raise awareness of my campaign, and to be as actively engaged in the community as possible,” Jozkowski said.

Jozkowski’s expenditures included signs, postcards for mailing, T-shirts, and online advertisements. She also reported an outstanding loan balance of $1,499,90.

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Whisler’s individual campaign fundraising for the period totaled $3,699.67. His campaign spent $2,079.66 and had a cash balance of $4,832.48. He also reported an outstanding bill balance of $13,364.33, according to the report.

Some of his largest donors included Vintage Sheet Metal in Hanover, Pennsylvania, which contributed $1,000, and Friends of Haven Shoemaker, which contributed $250.

Dorsey raised $2,720.00, spent $1,668.62, and had a cash balance of $1,833.77. Her expenditures included campaign website development, billboards/outdoor advertisements and postage. She reported a $900 loan balance, according to the report.


A campaign report was not available for Sands, who was the last candidate to file to run on April 5. He didn’t raise enough money to require filing a report, meaning he had less than $1,000 in his account.