McDaniel students get practice, feedback at annual Interviewing Day

For most, interviewing for a potential job or internship is a nerve-wracking experience.

But this week, McDaniel College students got the opportunity to practice their interview skills in low-pressure situations, while receiving immediate feedback and all the while still making connections for possible future employment.


The college’s annual Interviewing Day is an event run through McDaniel’s accounting program. It included about 25 firms — a mixture of accounting and financial, Kerry Duvall, an assistant professor of accounting, said. The students involved are usually juniors and seniors, though occasionally sophomores, who are accounting or economics majors, participate.

Students have 20 minutes with each company to interview, and each student has four or five interviews that day, she said.


“It's very similar to speed dating but it's speed interviewing,” Duvall added.

It started years ago as a way for students to practice interviews, and a lot of alumni would come back and help, she said. Now, in addition to practice, it’s a chance for students to make connections that could help land them a career.

“We have several students who get jobs and internships out of this day,” Duvall said.

For McDaniel senior Cyrus Daroowalla, who is studying business administration and economics and is from Westminster, Thursday’s Interviewing Day was his second year participating. His first interview of the day this year was with Knorr Brake.

Daroowalla said the event is a great opportunity for students.

'It prepares them for the real world,” he said.

For Daroowalla, who hopes to attend graduate school after college and get a master’s degree in finance or supply chain, the event has specifically helped him to work on being a better and more confident speaker.

“It prepared me just to speak effectively because I'm not the best speaker,” he added.

Wade Slatniske, a senior at McDaniel majoring in business administration from New Windsor, said this year was his first time participating in the event.

Slatniske said he wasn’t feeling particularly nervous, and had heard Interviewing Day was laid back.

“It's a nice set-up because it's 20 minutes and I hear it's very low pressure and I feel like it's the best way to go into interviews,” Slatniske said.

Many of the 475 incoming freshman and transfer students of the McDaniel College class of 2022 moved into their dorm rooms Thursday morning.

And, it’s really a win-win situation, he said, because “the best thing to get out of it is a job but if the worst thing I can do is get experience, that's great too.”


This year, Farm Credit, a business located in Westminster, participated in Interviewing Day for the first time.

Becky Arnold, a human resources generalist with the company, said she’s a McDaniel alumna — both undergraduate and graduate. A more recent graduate of the college who works with Arnold got an email about the event and sent it to her, she said, adding, “I love interviewing.”

Arnold said she loves the college and giving back, and that everyone wins when it comes to the event.

She said she interviews people every day, and it can often be overwhelming for them and make people nervous.

“Anytime you can get the opportunity to practice and get feedback immediately, is a really good thing,” Arnold said.

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