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Grad spotlight: Maggie Myers, Winters Mill

The Class of 2020 earned their diplomas under extraordinary circumstances, missing out on milestones as the community faced a global health crisis. The Times caught up with Winters Mill graduate Maggie Myers, who served as National Honor Society president, participated on the mock trial team and was active in student government.

Q: What extracurriculars, sports, employment did you participate in outside of the classroom?


A: In school I was active in the National Honor Society and Student Government Association, senior year I was our SGA president and I loved it. I also participated on our mock trial team for the first time during my senior year. Outside of school, I worked at Merritt Athletic Clubs as a swim coach for the younger children and I taught swim lessons. I also worked as a server at Carroll Lutheran Village.

Q: Did you have a favorite subject in school?


A: I really enjoyed all of my English classes, but I had an aiding mod in our school’s autism program and that was always my favorite mod of the day. I really liked getting to know and working with the students and the adults involved in the program.

Q: What will you miss the most about your high school experience?

A: I will miss being able to talk to my mentors every day. I was really lucky to build great relationships with our administrators and lots of my teachers that I will miss.

Q: What were you excited to graduate and leave behind?

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A: I’ve been a part of a lot of positive change at Winters Mill and I am just excited to watch the school continue to grow.

Q: This is a historic moment due to COVID-19, although not in a way any of us would hope for. Are there any ways that it’s affecting your generation that some people might not realize?

A: The class of 2020 is learning not to take things for granted. Even though our graduation, prom and last couple months of our senior year didn’t look how we anticipated, we are able to enjoy this time with our friends now and appreciate all of the time we had at Winters Mill.

Q: What was a moment you felt proud of an accomplishment in high school?


A: I am most proud of being SGA president this past year. We hosted the first Powderpuff fundraiser game since 2016 which raised several thousand dollars for pediatric cancer research. Over the time I’ve been in SGA, we brought back the Snowball winter formal, which our school hadn’t hosted in over a decade. We started lots of traditions that really got the student body involved, and I am proud of that.

Q: Can you share one way you have grown since you were a freshman?

A:I’ve learned how important and fulfilling it is to put myself out there and get involved. I really feel like I’ve made the most of my high school school experience and I owe a lot of that to getting involved in various activities and doing things I loved to do. I will be attending Elizabethtown College to study Occupational Therapy.