Adam Lovellette, Class of 2018 Gerstell Academy grad, reflects on time spent in 'close-knit community'

Gerstell Academy grad Adam Lovellette talks about his plans after graduation. (Emily Chappell | Carroll County Times)

Adam Lovellette spent nearly 15 years at Gerstell Academy.

Over that time, he’s watched the school grow and change — something he paralleled over his years as well.


And while Lovellette, who graduates Friday, June 8, leaves Gerstell having been extremely involved, it took some growth and organizational skills to help him find balance, and ultimately success.

“One thing I think [my time at Gerstell] definitely taught me was time management,” he said.

When he first started as a freshmen, Lovellette said he realized he didn’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done that he wanted to.

And so he learned to adjust.

“It really helped me focus on what were the essentials I needed to get done,” he said, adding that he learned to better use free time throughout the day.

With those skills in hand, Lovellette also adhered to a motto of always trying to say yes.

“I like to say yes to most anything anyone asks me to do,” he said. “It helps keep my days exciting.”

Lovellette has spent three years involved in cross country where he also was captain, as one of the head managers for the basketball team and also this year as the class president.

He’s been involved in a number of clubs, even starting the tennis club and the men’s club on his own. “The men’s club just focuses on certain things ... that I believe men should be knowledgeable of if they’re going to be helpful in society,” he said.

Lovellette also is involved in informational technology at the school, and runs all of the sound and stereo equipment for events like the fall and spring concerts, theater productions and talent shows.

This past year, he also was assigned to be an anchorman, and each week gave updates on sports and other activities. He said they tried to add humor into the shows to make it more fun to watch.

Gigs like the anchorman job and basketball manger were activities Lovellette wasn’t sure he wanted to do. Being an anchorman was a last-minute decision, he said, but he made time for it.

“When an opportunity kind of comes your way, you kind of just have to take it and make it work,” he said.

Managing basketball wasn’t even something he said he wanted to do originally. But someone asked him, and he decided to give it a try.


“It ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve made in high school,” he added.

Beth Hand, assistant head of the upper school, taught Lovellette when he was in lower school at Gerstell and was also his adviser, and said he is “absolutely wonderful.” Over the years, she said, she watched him grow and mature into an “amazing young man.”

Lovellette is passionate, outgoing, friendly dedicated, hardworking and endearing, Hand said, adding that she could go on and on.

Hand said she watched Lovellette struggle sometimes with saying yes to everything and wanting to be so involved, but has seen him learn how to manage his time and delegate to others as the years have progressed.

“He evolved into a really strong management style that way,” she added.

By the end of four years, she said, Lovellette had over 1,100 hours of community service, “which is extraordinary for a high school student.”

Lovellette is always upbeat and passionate, and always works to be very inclusive, Hand said. She never saw him slacking or giving up on anything and, if something needed to be done, Lovellette would do it.

“Everyone loves Adam — Adam loves everyone,” she added.

Hand said when he was younger, Lovellette didn’t like being in the spotlight as much. But as he grew, he learned to be in that spotlight and learned to enjoy it. He was able to express his sense of humor and put people at ease and make them comfortable, she added.

Lovellete also set an example for students in the grades below him.

“He will go out of his way to help the younger students,” she added.

All in all, Hand said, Lovellette is everything it means to be a Gerstellian.

“He just has embodied all the leadership and [the] value system that Gerstell is about,” she said.

After high school, Lovellette is attending Northeastern University in Boston, where he wants to double major in dietary studies and political science. The goal, he said, is to become a nutritionist and eventually try his hand in politics. Lovellette said he wants to incorporate the importance of exercise into his dietary work and do his own research.

From there, he said, he hopes to be involved in politics at the state and maybe even federal level. After taking a class about American government, Lovellette said his interests were piqued.

“That just got me so [interested in] politics,” he added.

For Lovellette, his favorite thing about attending Gerstell for so many years was the “close-knit community.” Everyone knows everything about each other, he said, and he’s glad that’s been his high school experience.

“I think the community here was definitely the thing that stood out to me the most,” he said.

Gerstell Academy senior Adam Lovellette works the audio board for the school's spring music concert.
Gerstell Academy senior Adam Lovellette works the audio board for the school's spring music concert. (Phil Grout / For Carroll County Times)