Carroll Community College unleashes the Lynx at mascot logo reveal celebration

Carroll Community College reveals the Lynx logo on Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018.

Cheers of “unleash the Lynx! unleash the Lynx!” echoed through the Carroll Community College Cafe on Tuesday afternoon as students, faculty and staff waited with anticipation for the banner to be unfurled.

Student leaders Jasmin Sarabia and Spencer Koenig quickly untied ropes and unrolled the banner, revealing the college’s new Lynx logo for the first time — to cheers and applause. The reveal came after the college chose the Lynx as its mascot in January 2018. Tuesday afternoon’s unveiling was done as a part of the college’s 25th anniversary celebrations.


And for those in attendance, the pumped-up experience made the reveal even better.

“I was really excited because we’re such a small school, the fact that we’re finally having a logo and sports teams is really exciting,” Regan Hyde, a student in her second year studying history, said, adding, “They did such a dramatic reveal of it, I thought it was really cool.”


Hyde, of New Windsor, said she likes the new logo, and that the Lynx really fits Carroll Community College.

The mascot was chosen after a “campus-wide initiative to find a mascot that embodied the College’s character,” according to a news release from Carroll. The suggestion came from recent graduate Ryan Barron of Westminster.

The first athletic squads to prowl the fields of Carroll Community College will be known as the Lynx, thanks to a suggestion from a 2014 Winters Mill High School graduate attending the college.

At the time, Barron said he immediately thought of a Lynx, adding, “It seemed like an animal that was relatable, and ferocious at the same time, which seems to perfectly reflect the college. It’s a small school, yet the knowledge is powerful.”

Once the lynx was chosen, an internal team was formed to oversee the creation of the logo, according to the release.The new logo incorporates the college’s colors of blue and white, along with a star as a nod to the Lynx constellation.

Sherri-Le Bream, the chairperson of the college’s Board of Trustees, said she likes the Lynx mascot and logo, describing it as a good mixture of being ferocious, but not evil.

“I think the picture is a great representation of strength and being ferocious and winning, which is what we want to do,” she added, laughing.

The uniforms for Carroll’s inaugural sports teams will prominently display the lynx logo, according to the release. In October 2017, the college announced the addition of intercollegiate sports.

This year, Carroll Community College is celebrating its 25th year as an independent college, first having begun as a branch of Catonsville Community College. Over the years, the college has literally grown from the ground up, adding buildings, programs and students.

“When the college was first founded, the focus was on academics. We wanted to make sure there was a strong academic base,” Bream said. “But I think students are looking for a well-rounded experience when they look for a college. That’s one reason why I think a lot of students look past the community college, because they want to go and have college life, so to speak.”

She said while Carroll provides that college life, they recognized students wanted more. So, she said, now that the college has an established academic program with multiple supports in place, she said, it is time for athletics to be added.

“This was the piece that was missing,” she said.

This past August, Carroll released the names of the coaches for its first teams.

Justin Metzger and Amanda Milewski have been named co-coaches of the men’s and women’s cross country teams, and Bill Warburton and Tom O’Brien will serve as head coaches for the women’s and men’s soccer teams.


Women’s and men’s soccer and women’s and men’s cross-country teams are set to roll out in the fall of 2019, according to the release. Bream said those two sports were chosen because they were fairly easy to implement in terms of cost and facility.

“We’ll see how these go and we’ll look to the future to add more,” she added.

Editors note: This article has been updated to correct the spelling of Jasmin Sarabia and Sherri-Le Bream’s names.

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