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Dozens of Carroll County students named 2020 Carson Scholars

Thirty-seven Carroll County students were named first-time Carson Scholars for the first time this year, and almost a hundred more were recognized again for continuing excellence in their studies.

The students, selected by the Carson Scholars Fund, are rewarded with $1,000 college scholarships for outstanding academic achievement and demonstration of humanitarian qualities.


In Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region, 215 new scholars were named, meaning Carroll students made up about 17% of those selected.

Students in grades 4-11 are eligible. After being named a Carson Scholar, students may apply to renew their status in following years — they are then designated as Recognized Scholars, though that does not include additional scholarship money.


The annual banquet usually held to honor new and returning Carson Scholars, was canceled this year in light of the coronavirus pandemic. The Fund is working to plan other festivities to recognize them.

All Carroll County students named Carson Scholars for the first time are named below:

Caroline Bacon10Liberty High School
Victoria Barnett5Sandymount Elementary School
Colin Belgrave5Runnymede Elementary School
Brinley Boag5Mechanicsville Elementary School
Chance Caprarola11Winters Mill High School
Ava Champney5William Winchester Elementary School
Stella Coldsmith7Northwest Middle School
Madilyn Conroy6Sykesville Middle School
Kyle DelRegno7Mt. Airy Middle School
Tyler DelRegno11South Carroll High School
Julianna Dicke10Manchester Valley High School
Charles Duva5Freedom District Elementary School
Benjamin Edwards5Linton Springs Elementary School
Brody Frey5Cranberry Station Elementary School
Libby Green6Westminster West Middle School
Kaiylin Greenwood8Shiloh Middle School
Nathan Heistand4Carrolltowne Elementary School
Emma Hughes4Friendship Valley Elementary School
Julia Kohr9Francis Scott Key High School
Lucy Korn5Westminster Elementary School
Lilah Kresslein5Ebb Valley Elementary School
Zoe Lettau5Manchester Elementary School
Brody Lockwood6Westminster East Middle School
Brady Long5Mt. Airy Elementary School
Amelia Neuheisel5Spring Garden Elementary School
Kate Newcomer5Piney Ridge Elementary School
Leah Randall5Linton Springs Elementary School
Meghan Rice8North Carroll Middle School
Brett Ricketts5Taneytown Elementary School
Katelynn Rogers7Oklahoma Road Middle School
Eden Roth5Elmer Wolfe Elementary School
Julia Stahl5Hampstead Elementary School
Elizabeth Steele5Winfield Elementary School
Ashley Vajo11Century High School
Wynn Vaughn4Robert Moton Elementary School
Phoebe Wang11Westminster High School
Leah Wilson5Eldersburg Elementary School

Carroll County students honored as Recognized Scholars are listed below:

ScholarGradeSchoolCityState# of times won
Katelyn Abell8Mt. Airy Middle SchoolMt. AiryMD4
Kensi Bancroft7Northwest Middle SchoolTaneytownMD3
Nathaniel Barr7Oklahoma Road Middle SchoolSykesvilleMD3
Abigail Baum9Winters Mill High SchoolWestminsterMD4
Hannah Bauer11Century High SchoolSykesvilleMD2
Charlotte Benfer6Mt. Airy Middle SchoolMt. AiryMD2
Edwin Blyden9Liberty High SchoolEldersburgMD2
Caleb Booker7Oklahoma Road Middle SchoolSykesvilleMD3
Logan Brightful8Mt. Airy Middle SchoolMt. AiryMD4
Samantha Callahan7Shiloh Middle SchoolHampsteadMD3
Jason Cebulski12Manchester Valley High SchoolManchesterMD2
Emma Chaney7Northwest Middle SchoolTaneytownMD2
Dakota Clemens6Mt. Airy Middle SchoolMt. AiryMD2
Alaya Chambers7Westminster East Middle SchoolWestminsterMD2
Kylie Coder7Westminster East Middle SchoolWestminsterMD3
Kyla Dawson7Westminster West Middle SchoolWestminsterMD3
Hunter Dicke10Manchester Valley High SchoolManchesterMD4
Mackenzie Dicke10Manchester Valley High SchoolManchesterMD3
Vivian Dunn6Westminster West Middle SchoolWestminsterMD2
Erica Egleston11Liberty High SchoolEldersburgMD5
Hailey Facchine6Shiloh Middle SchoolHampsteadMD3
Jolie Feltz10Liberty High SchoolEldersburgMD3
Colin Flanagan7Westminster West Middle SchoolWestminsterMD3
Ryan Fleming9Century High SchoolSykesvilleMD5
Evan French7Shiloh Middle SchoolHampsteadMD3
Makenzie Greenwood7Shiloh Middle SchoolHampsteadMD4
Kaylee Harris7Northwest Middle SchoolTaneytownMD3
Kyra Hawes9Westminster High SchoolWestminsterMD5
Sara Hawley10Westminster High SchoolWestminsterMD6
Julia Hayunga9Liberty High SchoolEldersburgMD5
Emily Hernandez12Manchester Valley High SchoolManchesterMD5
Lucylle Hott8North Carroll Middle SchoolHampsteadMD4
Audrey Houle9Westminster High SchoolWestminsterMD5
Lydia Houle11Westminster High SchoolWestminsterMD4
Anna Kachik6Shiloh Middle SchoolHampsteadMD2
Claire Kettula11South Carroll High SchoolSykesvilleMD4
Ali Khan7Westminster West Middle SchoolWestminsterMD4
Alizeh Khan8Westminster West Middle SchoolWestminsterMD2
Ashlynn Kidwell9Century High SchoolSykesvilleMD3
Audrey King8Westminster West Middle SchoolWestminsterMD4
Elizabeth Kinloch6Northwest Middle SchoolTaneytownMD2
Ryan Kirkpatrick10Winters Mill High SchoolWestminsterMD7
Morgan Kresslein11Manchester Valley High SchoolManchesterMD4
Allison Leimkuhler9Century High SchoolSykesvilleMD2
Alyssa Leishear8Westminster East Middle SchoolWestminsterMD4
Keely Lockwood9Winters Mill High SchoolWestminsterMD3
Juliana Lopez10Century High SchoolSykesvilleMD4
Dane Lyons8Northwest Middle SchoolTaneytownMD4
Kamryn Malle5Hampstead Elementary SchoolHampsteadMD2
Adam Maney6Oklahoma Road Middle SchoolSykesvilleMD2
John Manley8Shiloh Middle SchoolHampsteadMD4
Delaney McCorkill6Oklahoma Road Middle SchoolSykesvilleMD3
Quinn McIver10Winters Mill High SchoolWestminsterMD5
Corinne Michael6Westminster West Middle SchoolWestminsterMD2
Keira Milam8Westminster East Middle SchoolWestminsterMD2
Amara Mohr6Westminster West Middle SchoolWestminsterMD3
Faith Mohr8Westminster East Middle SchoolWestminsterMD5
John Moses7Sykesville Middle SchoolSykesvilleMD2
Rachel Mountcastle6Shiloh Middle SchoolHampsteadMD2
Matthew Muse6Westminster West Middle SchoolWestminsterMD2
Maxwell Novak9South Carroll High SchoolSykesvilleMD2
Caitlin O'Dea11Liberty High SchoolEldersburgMD2
Marie Overman9Winters Mill High SchoolWestminsterMD5
Benjamin Pandullo5Carrolltowne Elementary SchoolSykesvilleMD2
Avery Pelletier8Shiloh Middle SchoolHampsteadMD2
Cyndi Phelps7Westminster East Middle SchoolWestminsterMD4
Isabella Pietryak7North Carroll Middle SchoolHampsteadMD3
Charlotte Prunkl6Sykesville Middle SchoolSykesvilleMD2
David Rapids11South Carroll High SchoolSykesvilleMD5
Hayden Rathmann8Mt. Airy Middle SchoolMt. AiryMD3
Syed Reza6Sykesville Middle SchoolSykesvilleMD2
Gunnar Rhees8Mt. Airy Middle SchoolMt. AiryMD4
Brady Rhodes9Francis Scott Key High SchoolUnion BridgeMD5
Savannah Richey10Winters Mill High SchoolWestminsterMD3
Patrick Rippeon11Francis Scott Key High SchoolUnion BridgeMD4
Addison Roach8Northwest Middle SchoolTaneytownMD4
Chloe Robbins8Westminster West Middle SchoolWestminsterMD5
Morgan Robbins8Westminster West Middle SchoolWestminsterMD4
Elyse Seligman8Sykesville Middle SchoolSykesvilleMD4
Avery Selivan8Northwest Middle SchoolTaneytownMD4
Emily Schildwachter11Francis Scott Key High SchoolUnion BridgeMD5
Elizabeth Scott12Francis Scott Key High SchoolUnion BridgeMD4
Makenna Steele8Shiloh Middle SchoolHampsteadMD5
Gabrielle Stine9Francis Scott Key High SchoolUnion BridgeMD5
William Streaker11South Carroll High SchoolSykesvilleMD2
Cooper Trump6Oklahoma Road Middle SchoolSykesvilleMD2
Michael Valerio7Mt. Airy Middle SchoolMt. AiryMD3
Logan Walker6Northwest Middle SchoolTaneytownMD2
Allison Wallach9South Carroll High SchoolSykesvilleMD5
Hannah Wolford7North Carroll Middle SchoolHampsteadMD3
Kiera Youngling6Westminster East Middle SchoolWestminsterMD2
Austin Zeigenfuse8North Carroll Middle SchoolHampsteadMD4
For the record

In a previous version of this story, a section of students with names early in the alphabet was mistakenly omitted from the list of recognized scholars. The chart has been corrected.