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Bob Lord: Quality education for all children

My name is Bob Lord and I am a candidate for the Board of Education.

My wife and I live in Gamber, where I have recently retired after working in the printing business for over 28 years. I am now a stay at home father and a small business owner.


I am the parent of 3 children, one that is a graduate of Carroll County Public Schools, and two that attend a public elementary school here in Carroll County.

For many years I have been active in Carroll County Public Schools in just about every way a parent can be: volunteering in my children's classroom, PTA Political Liaison, serving as a Parent Guide, helping parents navigate the school system to make sure their questions are being answered. I am also active on the Community Advisory Council and I am the founder of Carroll Values Education, a parent advocacy group promoting quality education for all Carroll County students. Running for the Board of Education is just the next step in the work I've been doing to promote quality education for my children and all the children of this county.


As a parent of two children who attend Carroll County Public Schools, I realize the value of parental and community involvement in our public schools. I believe that a quality successful education system needs open dialogue between families, community and our educators. We need to foster and encourage a partnership with open communication to all the stakeholders, by holding open meetings, community events, and actively pursuing community input on educational discussions and policy changes.

Teachers in Carroll County are professional and dedicated. They continue to focus on the children while dealing with significant changes in the curriculum, new evaluation systems and only one step increase in the past five years. We must support our teachers with regular step increases, raises and useful professional development. We must continue to attract and retain the quality educators the the citizens of Carroll County have become accustomed to.

We must actively lobby local and state government for greater and more reliable educational funding to address operating and educational program shortfalls, compensate educators appropriately, as well as address the backlog of capital improvement projects. We need to be fiscally conservative in our use of public funds, assuring that each dollar is spent most effectively.

Many families are attracted to Carroll County because of its schools. Carroll is one of the top counties in one of the top states. We are lucky to have great families who are interested and active in their children's education, great educators who continue to do their best no matter what, and a community that supports appropriate funding for the school system. We must continue to focus on those three factors to ensure that our schools remain an asset to our county.

I am interested in your opinions and concerns, please contact me. You may email me at, call me at 443-522-0180, or visit my website,www.BobLord I value your input, as we are all seeking what is best for our children and our county.

I am asking for your confidence and I would appreciate your vote.